The Public Sector in Colombia is Ready to Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Aug 09, 2018

The Public Sector in Colombia is Ready to Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365

Thanks to the Public Budget and Project & Contract modules developed by AlfaPeople for Dynamics 365, government-specific solutions are now available in the country, making AlfaPeople the first company in Colombia to certify and develop such solutions for the public sector.


The Colombian public sector is a complex area characterized by a need for technological solutions that support dealing with large amounts of registries, complying with Colombian laws and with their on-going changes, providing real integration with other solutions or specialized legacy applications for simplicity of use and adoption by users due to their constant turnover.

Considering our broad experience in implementation, we have designed two solutions aimed at helping public sector organisms to achieve their goals through joint and systematic functions providing fiscal balance by properly managing resources and public expenditure over a tax year.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Public Sector

As such, we are pleased to announce that our Public Budget and Projects & Contracts products are the first to be certified in Colombia for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This is a major achievement for our organization, as we have developed the only two solutions made exclusively for the Public Sector.

Félix Sastoque, General Manager of AlfaPeople Colombia, stated:

“Congratulations! After coming a long way, we have earned the experience necessary to certify two robust solutions for the public sector, Public Budget, and Projects & Contracts.

Thanks to this, AlfaPeople has been consolidated as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner for the Government, providing Colombian State entities with the opportunity to have a tool designed to cover all of their activities (end-to-end), providing flexibility and reducing complexity in public management.”

The solutions offered by AlfaPeople for the public sector have a direct impact on several of the country’s sectors, as it allows public companies to improve their procedures, optimize the execution of their equity capital, and make the most of the resources provided by the State to carry out economic, political, or social projects.

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