Migration to Dynamics 365

Optimize your journey to the cloud with greater scalability, security, and competitiveness.

Migration to Dynamics 365

Enhance your business power with Microsoft´s cloud-based technology

Experience the advantages of the cloud with enhanced functionalities through Migration to Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 now offers you completely new possibilities. With its immense flexibility, you can swiftly respond to evolving conditions. This cloud solution enables you to provide your customers, employees, and partners with what is expected of today’s companies: a modern, customizable, cloud-based system.  

Take a big step forward in your company´s path to digitization with the migration to Dynamics 365!

For companies using older versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX and looking to avoid the risks of operating unsupported versions, switching to the cloud is now a priority. Sounds complicated? It’s not, especially with AlfaPeople by your side during the migration to Dynamics 365.

Unlock the advantages of cloud migration
in 3 easy steps



Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs



Gain all the benefits more quickly:

Our hybrid method for migrating to Dynamics 365 accelerates and simplifies the process. This saves time and money, reduces pressure on your team, and gets you operational much faster. Efficiency, speed, and user-friendliness are at the forefront – our approach in three logical steps makes it possible.

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Migration step

Including assessment, solution design, license configuration, and project planning in migration consulting.

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Migration step

Pilot phase as your quick live start in the cloud with all the activities, processes, and data that you currently use and need.

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Migration step

Expanding the functional range to meet your specific needs and digitizing processes previously unsupported by the system through time-efficient, focused sprints.

Migration with the AlfaPeople methodology

We dedicate time to comprehending your business needs, creating a tailored migration strategy and timeline that won’t disrupt your daily operations. 


Reduce time and costs with our methodology centered on the essentials. Our experts quickly identify in your system what you’re currently using and what you need. We closely monitor potential savings and efficiency enhancements in your company. The AlfaPeople methodology eliminates lengthy analysis phases, swiftly getting you up and running in the cloud!

More efficient

Minimize effort and relieve your project team with AlfaPeople! Even during the pilot phase, you can use Dynamics 365 and acquaint yourself with the new system’s advantages. The emphasis is on the activities, processes, and data you use and need. This ensures maximum efficiency and speed without requiring your company to halt operations.

More innovative

Enhance the functionality with customized extensions! Following your initial experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365, we implement additional functions and digitalization options tailored to your specific needs – in clearly defined sprints. This leads to quicker advancement and optimized costs.

Well planned from A to Z

Discover your journey to the cloud, meticulously planned from start to finish with AlfaPeople! At each step, the project’s scope and effort are clearly outlined. With us, you are always aware of exactly what you will receive – and when. Our team of experts, who will be with you from the beginning, will guide you throughout the process. With AlfaPeople, your migration is exceptionally quick, user-friendly, and cost-effective!

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Exclusive benefits with us

AlfaPeople’s Cloud Migration experts collaborate proactively with your business leaders to devise a clear and cost-managed route to the cloud. AlfaPeople Cloud Migration is a customer-focused program shaped by our extensive experience and industry know-how, targeted at harnessing both immediate and enduring advantages of your cloud-based CRM or ERP. 

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