AlfaPeople Statement on the war in Ukraine
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Mar 15, 2022

AlfaPeople Statement on the war in Ukraine

March 15th 2022:

The war in Ukraine affects us deeply: Stunned, we see the terrible pictures and read the news. Our sympathy goes out to the Ukranian people who are suffering the most in this unbearable situation.

We would like to help in this difficult time, in an uncomplicated way and at short notice. That is why we especially encourage IT professionals from Ukraine to apply for a job with us. We want to contribute to more security and structure, at least in this area. We are especially looking for experts in the field of Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform.

We are aware that challenging life situations and crises require a certain flexibility. Therefore, our offer is to work from home, or in one of our offices in Switzerland, Germany or Denmark. We also offer flexible part-time models. In order to meet dynamic circumstances, it is also possible to conclude short-term contracts of four, six, eight or twelve months. If required, we will also provide temporary accommodation for you and your family.

Apply to one of our open positions – we would be happy to welcome you! You can find our vacancies on our careers page. You can also find out more on our LinkedIn profile.