Start&Go™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The market demands projects to have
short cycles and high added value

Start&Go™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The corporate world is ever more agile and eager for cutting-edge technologies and transformation.
To keep your company up to date with market developments and operational efficiency,
AlfaPeople has created its own methodology, allowing low cost implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business processes and applications in just a few weeks.


Improve the main business processes in Financial Services, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service areas in a quick, simple, and assertive way.    

Quick implementation

Have you ever thought about deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for Financial Management, Marketing, Sales and/or Customer Service in just a few weeks? With AlfaPeople Start&Go™ methodology, organizations have their systems integrated and automated quickly and cost effectively. With our pre-defined scope and a guided implementation method, AlfaPeople experts identify the real needs of each business area and implement the respective Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionalities, generating immediate results right after the implementation.

Low-cost investment

Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 was designed to respond to the main pain points of each department within the company in an efficient and strategic way. The costs of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionalities are reduced, because Start&Go™ focuses specifically on what companies need to improve. This fine-tuned approach helps businesses avoid long, expensive projects by providing immediate results and adding value to processes.


In line with the main corporate needs and considered a market benchmark, Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be integrated with legacy systems, as well as with other tools and company areas. Our quick results methodology encompasses the entire operation, helping your business become even more robust and complete, while increasing operational efficiency.

Connect your teams and operations
in a single solution

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