Excellent Operational Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

For manufacturing companies, Microsoft Dynamics 365 efficiently integrates CRM and ERP systems, delivering the technological advances that require manufacturers to transform their production, commercial and logistic processes, among others, so they get a perspective of the data to turn them into smart actions.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing?

  • Agile execution in the plant: Manage your production plant with workspaces, task guides and work instructions tailored to the operators and supervisors. This can be adapted and displayed on any device, improving local productivity and global visibility.
  • Intelligent order processing: With global visibility of inventory, manufacturing, and logistics, as well as a custom-made workspace, customer support managers can take initiative to explore production options, transportation, and storage for customers.
  • Speed up product presentations: Quickly model, budget and send new products to production and acquisitions, with experiences and guided workspaces to achieve continuous production and differentiated and efficient replenishment.

AlfaPeople Value Proposition

AlfaPeople offers Manufacturing companies a flexible and cloud-based solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, which enables excellent operational integration, reduces deadlines, meets the demands of the client and manages the resources to gain efficiency in the adjusted, discreet and agile manufacturing operations.

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Simplify Operations at Every Level
with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Production Manager

Check if the materials needed for production orders are on schedule while making the correct decisions on the allocation of materials to the orders.

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Purchasing Director

Facilitates direct and indirect acquisition of goods and services, and establishes a centralized purchasing capacity throughout the organization to support the processes and the procurement policy.

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Logistics Manager

Connects sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production and storage management to obtain visibility and management capacity throughout the entire supply chain.

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Inventory Coordinator

Track the items according to the dimensions of the inventory including headquarters, warehouse, location, lot and serial number. Take advantage of the multiple inventory control systems and inventory valuation methods.

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“AlfaPeople was the provider that gave us the highest confidence, they were interested in knowing the core of our business, they attended various meetings to get into the daily life of Permoda in order to be able to provide us with the greater scope solution to allow us a global control over our operations, they showed us the specialized vertical solution for the fashion and textile sector.”

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Josué Serpa

Josué Serpa

IT Manager