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Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Intelligence) is the brand name for a portfolio of cloud-based business intelligence and analytics tools, in order to help clients analyse data and provide insights through rich, visual content from one central solution.

Power BI helps companies to develop insightful and powerful analysis through visualised data sets to enable them to make better and faster decisions. Providing a 360-degree view of all the relevant metrics in real-time, Power BI unifies all business data centrally, whether the decision is to host on-premise or in the cloud. Available on any device and easily integrated with ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics AX, Power BI comes with standard connectors no matter how it’s hosted.

Power BI facilitates the creation of business intelligence reports with the desktop application, plus the online version gives users the ability to create and view interactive reports from existing databases. Pre-built dashboards can be shared with anyone in the organisation, using pre-defined access rights. Power BI has a unique ability to associate category-level or quantitative data with spatial locations to generate reports which enlighten audiences.

The potential of Power BI’s benefits starts with the collaborative working atmosphere it facilitates within a team and between teams. The main users that Power BI assists are:

  • Business Analysts, who can import and shape data, generate powerful visual reports and create content packs as required;
  • Business Users, who now have instant access to date, reports and dashboards from almost any device;
  • Business Intelligence Professionals, who can manage their company data and help others to create personalised reports;
  • Developers, who are now in a unique position to support individuals and teams to set up and maintain a real-time dashboard and customise their reports.

Commonplace departments that are present in almost every organisation are supported by Power BI’s features and benefits:

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Sales: Create an improved acquisition strategy with decisions based on events from the past and present

Power BI helps sales teams to forecast, achieve defined targets and, ultimately, increase profitability. When used to generate insights from Microsoft Dynamics CRM or other CRM solutions, teams can track performance metrics and visually demonstrate customer profiles from initial contact through to a post-sale status. Customised dashboards allow clients to dive into different stages of the sales process in real-time, building a better understanding of how to progress and complete future sales, as well as identify any underperforming areas. Power BI also creates analysis by account owner and region, produces trend and overall forecast versus actual sales data, to be shared with the team and senior management.

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Marketing: Generate business insight which transforms your marketing data into a plan with activities to clearly demonstrates ROI (return on investment)

Analysing marketing campaigns can be a time-consuming and complex on-going task, something which Power BI aims to improve. The solution helps marketers to both monitor available resources and analyse activities by product, service, market segment, customer trends, actions and sentiment or other criteria. Better reporting of this information can identify new upselling or cross-selling strategies and opportunities for the business as a whole. Comparing complex metrics including revenue, marketing costs, specific campaigns and channels, calculating ROI in real-time is made easier and enhanced by Web & Social Analytics module. Finally, clients’ marketers can publish the actions detailed in reports to interactive dashboards that can be accessed from anywhere.

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Customer Service: Deliver the best possible service and record every interaction with customers

Power BI links product or service performance with how customers are buying or using what the client sells, and as a result, demonstrates how the quality of customer service can impact on brand loyalty. On an operational level, Power BI tracks every customer engagement, lets the team analyse closed cases, monitor channel performance, call ratings and hold times, as well as customer agent resolution statistics. In summary, Power BI lets clients monitor the performance of this vital department and how it impacts on financial results.

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Operations: Improve processes and insight to increase performance from all operational areas

Combining data from production through to distribution, Power BI can help managers to identify ways to improve processes and optimise performance. The complex and variety in operational data from inventory checks and allocation breakdowns can be reported live in Power BI, ensuring clients never miss trends or issues. Mobile alerts, based on pre-defined metrics such as stock shortages or dispatch problems, can be sent to set team members to allow better decision- making.

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Finance: Build a company-wide picture from a multitude of business data sources to make better, faster and more informed decisions

Power BI really comes into its own for finance professionals. Drilling down from information held at summary statement level to account level in a single view, on-demand reports from multiple sources are quickly generated to inform strategic decision-making by the business. Information about unanticipated cost increases and other anomalies are brought to attention more quickly with automatic updates based on real-time information. Power BI’s capabilities creates more time for the finance team to spend on strategic analysis of performance and patterns and make the right recommendations.

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HR: Have your finger on the pulse with visibility of all activities by collecting and monitoring all important data

From inputting goals and role-based measurements into Power BI, HR practitioners can monitor both individual and team growth, employee retention and turnover on an actual and forecast basis. The information generated in a central, interactive dashboard helps the team to make better decisions. A very useful feature for HR to take advantage of is Power BI’s Q&A format, which lets clients ask questions of other people in the organisation. Again, mobile alerts can be set up, in this case to inform key stakeholders about changes to recruiting performance.

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IT: See all your important data in one dashboard and improve productivity in a quick and affordable way

Empower the IT team by easily connecting Power BI to other tools to compile performance of network systems, services, applications and security data from one dashboard, plus Power BI also works seamlessly with Microsoft Azure Active Director. A range of metrics can be defined to help the department identify potential risks and Help Desk teams operations can be streamlined with improvements to ticket resolutions based on trends and comparing performance metrics, to improve overall service levels. Power BI gives clients robust data assurance for improved security and compliance measures.

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