Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Build a personalized relationship with your customers and generate more value for the business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Well-defined, strategic, personalized and measurable marketing actions generate much more assertive results. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, your company improves campaigns, as well as contact with customers, and  builds customized digital journeys, offering exactly what consumers need.

Deliver personalized journeys on each customer’s preferred channels

Much more than a simple email sender, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a robust and omnichannel solution, capable of supporting your company in actions such as autonomous relationship rules, email marketing and SMS campaigns, landing pages/forms, webinars/face-to-face events, push notifications, lead scoring, and much more.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing assists in Campaign Marketing, Real-Time Marketing, and Event Marketing strategies, in a 360 degree way.

More personalized and assertive marketing campaigns

From the data generated in real-time by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, it is possible to obtain insights to create automated journeys with advanced customizations according to the information, preferences, history, and needs of each customer, including potential ones. This way, your company builds loyalty with the target audience, meeting their needs and offering products/services that will be useful for each individual and company.

More efficient sales engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing can be integrated into your company’s sales system. With the integration of all data and processes from the Marketing and Sales areas, your organization will no longer need to invest in yet another solution aimed solely at automating the commercial sector. It also becomes possible to create fully personalized and assertive segmentations, automations, campaigns, and target audiences based on information, preferences, and needs of each client and lead.

Be present in your customers’ lives

Complete information about customers, such as preferences and contracted products/services, allows your company to care for each individual in a personalized way, sending reminders, upgrade notifications for contracted items, product launches that may be of interest, thank you notes, congratulations.. All of this can be done through their favorite channels, which makes your brand more present and generates value for both customers and the business.

Information centralization, with real-time updates

Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing’s dashboards and panels, managers can have a 360 degree, real-time view of each client and campaign, including status and progress. This makes it possible to suggest improvements, make assertive decisions, strategically analyze marketing performance, obtain insights, and have greater control over meeting goals.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing has advanced features of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, dashboards, and panels that make data easy to visualize and understand. This tool can be used via desktop, mobile, tablet, or other mobile devices.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing for companies operating in the B2B market

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing serves businesses of all sizes and segments that focus on B2B (Business-to-business).  

Go beyond traditional marketing!

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