A Platform for Financial Service Organizations to Serve Their Customers Effectively

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financial Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the perfect platform to propel your organization forward and keep with the pace of innovation. Breaking down the silos between Sales, Marketing, Field Service and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you a full view of your customers and your wider organization.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Financial Services?

  • Reduce the cost of innovation – Once you shift your organization to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can configure it to your business needs, both quickly and cost effectively. Rather than having to implement an entire new solution for each business function, businesses can build on top of their pre-existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.
  • Understand your customers – With prior engagements with customers stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365, your team will understand behaviours in greater detail, allowing a more personalized customer experience. This also enables service teams to respond with a history of actions at hand, resulting more efficient resolution to queries.
  • Gain insight at a glance – Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer insight at a glance with drilldown capabilities on data applicable across your organization. This empowers better and more effective decision making and recognizes the efforts of employees.

AlfaPeople Value Proposition

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, AlfaPeople provides a platform for Financial Service organizations to serve their customers effectively and transform business operations. AlfaPeople’s Dynamics 365 solutions for Financial Services enable an immediate 360 degree view of the client and behaviour. It provides the tools to organize and personalize customer experiences to increase loyalty and customer retention, whilst offering a consistent experience across channels. Our solutions for Financial Services save money, attract and retain customers and help better manage risk.

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Simplify Operations at Every Level
with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financial Services

Marketing Directors

Potential clients want relevant, timely and personalized engagement. With the over-arching view of the customer available in Dynamics, marketing teams can create targeted campaigns, design email content, process leads, and analyze trends and patterns.

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Sales Directors

Dynamics 365 captures the leads from websites, social media integrations and input from telesales. With the direct connection to marketing, Sales Directors can enjoy a full view of prior engagements to close deals more quickly with knowledge at their disposal.

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Field Service Agents

Available across devices, anywhere and, anytime. Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers field service agents or salespeople on the go with the knowledge they need. Add-ins can also provide route mapping and diary booking systems to increase productivity and get field service teams on site as quickly as possible.

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Key Retirement

“Getting the organization to a point where it was capable of understanding its customer better, having a true single customer view, one version of the truth in terms of data and data analytics has been a key success for us.”

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Darren Halliwell

Darren Halliwell

Chief Technology Officer