Modernize Your IT Service with Provance ITSM for Dynamics 365
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Sep 09, 2019

Modernize Your IT Service with Provance ITSM for Dynamics 365

The demands placed on IT departments have changed significantly in recent years. IT tasks have become more complex and varied, while companies are heavily reliant on the availability of their IT. Tasks that in the past were done with pen and paper are now often completely digitalized. If the technology fails, employees are severely restricted in their work.

A high degree of availability in IT systems, timely and effective support, continuous upgrades and expansion of the IT landscape are indispensable. But how do you meet these challenges?

How Provance ITSM works

Provance’s IT Service Management (ITSM) solution relies on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ITIL is a collection of defined processes, operations, functions and roles that typically occur in IT departments of larger companies. ITSM and are ITIL certified, guaranteeing practical and measurable use in the IT department. The core components of the Provance ITSM solution include:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Release Management
  • Service continuity
  • Service Portfolio
  • Service Catalog
  • Service Level
  • Event Management

Provance’s ITSM solution natively integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CE) software and extends the functionality of CE. Provance’s ITSM solution not only includes the most important ‘out of the box’ functions and roles, but also offers a further decisive advantage: It allows the performance of the IT department to be measured. This is not about the evaluation of individual employees, but rather about increasing the overall effectiveness of the IT department.

Provance’s ITSM solution provides a customer self-service portal with an integrated portal solution. This enables IT departments to meet the further requirement of high availability beyond the usual working hours of 9 am – 6 pm. The portal allows tickets to be created around the clock.

What’s more, service catalogs can be displayed in Provance’s ITSM Portal, guiding customers during ticket creation with freely definable questions and selectable answers, while providing as much information as necessary and possible. In addition, the portal offers access to a knowledge database, which is managed and controlled directly from the ITSM solution. When creating a ticket, the portal user is immediately suggested possible solutions from the knowledge database.

Interlaced with Dynamics 365 functionality

Provance’s ITSM offers a wide range of features to meet the needs of a modern IT department. The number of functions contained in a solution is not the decisive factor for selecting an ITSM solution. Why ITSM from Provance? What is the unique selling proposition? The answer is simple: Provance’s ITSM is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which automatically delivers decisive benefits. This includes the availability of customer master data.

By using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the most important data is already available in the environment. In addition, users benefit from the high degree of customization offered by the system. The implemented processes and functions from the ITIL library are real and practice-oriented, a standard. Nevertheless, every company has its own way of doing things. Processes have been consolidated and established in the company. Provance’s ITSM solution can be adapted to different needs, giving you the opportunity to bridge the gap between the standard and your individual processes.

We would be happy to discuss further advantages and applications of the Provance ITSM solution with you personally. Start modernizing your IT services now with Provance ITSM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AlfaPeople.

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