Why Dynamics Support Services Need to Go Further and Faster
AlfaPeople |
Feb 12, 2019

Why Dynamics Support Services Need to Go Further and Faster

AlfaPeople’s Dynamics Support is a customized and innovative service that recognizes the huge investment that businesses like yours make in Microsoft Dynamics and why, as a business solution, it should be delivering solid outcomes and long-term sustainability.

Issues or challenges surrounding software go well beyond implementation. Many solution developers in the market offer intensive support in the early phases of implementation, but then turn their attention elsewhere, to new projects. It quickly becomes difficult for you to determine where to turn to next.

It?s also important to keep in mind how difficult things can become when a manufacturer’s mainstream support service ends. This was the case late last year for Dynamics versions AX 2009, AX 2012 and AX 2012 R2. Key hotfixes and legally required changes are now no longer available. Mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 also has an allocated expiry date: December 10, 2021. Sure, there’s still time, but you should begin preparing. It’s simply not an option to leave everything in its place and hope nothing will go wrong. To stay two steps ahead, you need advice on available support options, as well as about the on-premise to cloud transition process, its benefits and its cost behaviors.

In this sense, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Cloud Solution already offers a breadth of functions and opportunities to help your company grow. Microsoft has removed the barriers to CRM and ERP systems and created modern, modular business applications based on a common platform, which work seamlessly together. Huge opportunities await your business, it’s just a matter of knowing when and how to make the leap forward so you’re ahead of the competition.

So, what makes AlfaPeople Dynamics Support so unique? Well, we look beyond the acute problems or disturbances to daily work flows that you face, to provide thorough advice on questions concerning release management, event management, or training management, to name only a few.

We’re committed to ensuring you’re getting the very best out of your Microsoft Dynamics platform, with the understanding that daily business operations constantly present new challenges or threats to competitiveness, which must be dealt with efficiently and fast. AlfaPeople Dynamics Support provides support, consulting and assistance from a competent and committed support team. Through the AlfaPeople ticket system, your inquiries are quickly allocated and resolved. And, of course, we’re also available directly by telephone or e-mail.

AlfaPeople’s primary goal is to enable our customers to strengthen their core business models and thus better understand and serve their own customers. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we’re opening a world of new digital opportunities for you to take advantage of. Enjoy the benefits, today, of our second-to-none data, information and advice so you can advance on your digital transformation sooner rather than later!