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Jairo Armando Amaya | Technology Manager at Enterritoriojamaya@enterritorio.gov.coJairo on Linkedin

Summary of the project

  • Company of the National Order of the Public Sector of Colombia whose Core is eminently Technical since it supports the structuring and auditing of projects for other public sector entities.
  • For example, sustainable and equitable development, based on the construction of roads, aqueducts, sewers, educational and health infrastructure, productive projects, among others.
  • In 2019, an F&O project was started to meet the regulatory requirements and the adoption of IFRS

3 benefits for your company

  • Unified platform in the financial and budget processes (With the project, more than 8 applications that were managed with external solutions with the complications of administration, evolution and management have been reduced.
  • Ease of integration with the Stack of legacy solutions in a more automatic way.
  • Usability, visibility, and ease of management.

The experience of working with AlfaPeople

  • Technical, functional and public sector process knowledge
  • According to experience, support in adjustments to current processes
  • Validity and value in the integration of Change Management to the project