What´s new: Notes for Microsoft Release Wave 2, 2022 are now available!
AlfaPeople DK |
Jul 20, 2022

What´s new: Notes for Microsoft Release Wave 2, 2022 are now available!

As we are still getting new features released from Release Wave 1 in the beginning of 2022, it is also time to take a look of the Microsoft Release Wave 2 changes coming beginning of October 2022.

Microsoft has just now released their plans in the Microsoft Release Wave 2 for what is new and coming from October 2022 to March 2023 and that is quite a reading! There is a lot of exciting updates to all of Microsoft´s business application products. Today, we will give you a small teaser of what is coming.

To look more into the release notes yourself, find below links for the various products:


 Microsoft Dynamics 365 


 👉 Grow your business with 3X maximum monthly interactions.

Marketing is increasing the limits of interactions and people reached with your marketing interactions through real-time marketing.

It is planned in the Microsoft Release Wave 2, that from October 2022 you will be able to rreach up to 100 million marketing contacts and deliver up to 300 million monthly outbound interactions (emails, text messages, push notifications). This is up to three times as much as what you have had so far.

The update will definitely benefit customers with many interactions and customer pools. The limits are still quota specific and subject to the package you have bought.

The update will definitely benefit customers with large interactions and customer pools.

The limits are still quota specific and subject to the package you have bought.

👉 Create lead capture forms that convert visitors to customers.

Capturing leads is crucial to every company and marketing campaign. In order to be successful, you need to have the right tools and possibilities available to you. Microsoft is releasing new intuitive forms for lead capturing, giving you the full capacity of modern designer, templates, show-hide fields, advanced from validation and customer journey connection.

This feature is planned for public review from October 2022 and generally available from December 2022. And only for the Real-Time marketing area.

Microsoft Release Wave 2



👉 Track linked Microsoft Teams chat as activity in timeline.

From October in the Microsoft Release Wave 2, it is planned that the Teams chat functionality, that was recently added to the Dynamics 365 world, will get even better. You will be able to track your linked chats to the specific records timeline, instead of having them just in the Teams chat area.

This gives users an easier way of tracking all the activity related to the specific record within one place – the timeline.

After the update users are able to:

  • Track the chat to timeline
  • See important activities from the chat
  • Get notified when chat gets updated
  • Search the timeline for specific chat activities
  • Access the chat directly from the timeline

👉 Use mention to find, share Dynamics 365 records in emails, chats.

Microsoft puts more and more focus on the collaboration between different products. From November there will be another great feature in public preview. The general availability of the update is estimated to be in February, 2023 in the Microsoft Release Wave 2.

But it will be worth the wait! You will be able to @mention to insert Dynamics 365 data into chats and emails. Exactly like you already use it to reference people today. Sellers will be able to use @mention to quickly reference customer and prospect details in Outlook and Teams.

Microsoft is also working on giving users suggestions based on the recent work they have been doing in Dynamics 365, to quickly reference the most relevant information.


Power Platform

 Power Apps

👉 Modern advanced find turned on by default.

The “Modern Find” feature has been available already for some time now, but it has been an optinal feature for admins to control. It is now planned that from October 2022, the “Modern Advanced Find” feature will be turned on by default. So, it is important to have your users ready for that!


Power Automate

👉 Greater control over connection reference creation and reuse.

Control references within a solution is a very important part of your whole ALM process for Power Automation flows. This process has been rather difficult to maintain. From november 2022, Microsoft have planned to improve this process. Cloud flow creators will get a greater control over which connection references are added/created to where and and why.

👉 Improved experience for selecting dynamic values.

From March 2023 in the Microsoft Release Wave 2, makers will get a new experience when choosing dynamic values while creating their Power Automate flows. The designer for choosing dynamic values will be improved, so you will be able to see the data type of all the fields. This is especially useful in organizations that have multiple fields with the same name, even though with different data types.


Governance and administration

👉 Modern security role editor experience in the Power Platform admin center.

Admins no longer need to go to the legacy web client to control security roles and privileges for users. Microsoft is adding a new modern security role editor experience to the Power Platform admin center. From October 2022, this feature will be in public review and is available for test.

This is another piece of the puzzle of completely moving from the legacy admin center to the new modern one!