Use a Partner to Manage Your External IT Resources
AlfaPeople |
Oct 10, 2018

Use a Partner to Manage Your External IT Resources

Dynamics 365 – What is the right price for IT consulting services? This is an eternal topic of conversation that I often encounter in my everyday life.

There are several Danish companies that have experience in purchasing IT resources abroad, both nearshore and offshore. Foreign consultants can be at least as proficient as their Danish colleagues. However, challenges can arise with, for example, time differences, language barriers or cultural clashes.

There are also Danish companies that have experience in hiring Danish system architects. But, first of all, they can be difficult to encounter in our relatively limited market and, secondly, they can be relatively expensive compared to what similar labor costs in other countries.

So how do you get the best of both worlds? How do you get the lowest cost possible? Without harming the quality of the work, obviously.

The key is buying neither too cheap nor too expensive, and I´m not writing this to show off and be smart, but it’s actually the art of it that matters.

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If you are buying too cheaply, then assignments will go on for a longer period of time and, furthermore, you end up spending a ton of hours on simple coordination, project management, quality assurance and so on. Those of you who have been involved in a project where there has been a lack of fundamental services will probably never do it again, as it´s so energy-intensive and resource-consuming.

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If you buy too expensive, you pay over the odds for a product that can be obtained more cheaply and maybe even better on the global market. It does not make sense to have an expensive Danish consultant who only needs to solve simple tasks. In addition, the huge lack of Danish system architects makes an IT project more fragile because it quickly comes to depend on one person’s time and skills.

At AlfaPeople we have a permanent team of expert consultants in India, and it´s astonishingly easy. With the right management, an IT project can be executed with the help of our team in India quickly, well and at attractive prices.

To make the process as efficient as possible, we put our own system architects on the task. That is, our customers have a Danish contact, who they can have a bit of back-and-forth and develop the solution with. From there, our Danish system architect takes over and passes the specific tasks on to our Indian colleagues.

In this way, we guarantee that the final result meets the highest quality standards.

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