Changes in AlfaPeople Management Team
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Nov 05, 2019

Changes in AlfaPeople Management Team

AlfaPeople has appointed Mr. Michael Gaardboe to the position of CEO.

Mr. Gaardboe’s appointment is part of a strategic decision to focus greater attention and resources in 2020 on optimizing our local business operations in each AlfaPeople market. Decentralization and the consideration of regional and local differentiators will allow the company to build an even stronger foundation for its long-term global business development.

We will also elect a Board of Directors at our next General Assembly in early 2020 composed of specialists in Sales, Marketing, Technology (Microsoft) and Finance/M&A. On a tactical level, AlfaPeople will drive more collaboration and regional business development than ever before, focusing on our two markets: Europe and LATAM/USA.

For his part, Michael Rasmussen will now focus on Sales and, in the short term, his role will be to assist local teams in executing our pipeline, consulting and support on enterprise deals.