Microsoft Azure Analytics

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Microsoft Azure Analytics Data Intelligence

Microsoft Azure Analytics

Companies that invest in Data Intelligence grow more consistently and assertively. Microsoft Azure Analytics connects and integrates information from several tools and systems, so your company can have a holistic view of the business, obtain insights, work strategically on data and use them as guide for decision-making.

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Obtain strategic insights that impact on business growth

Azure Analytics enables the automatic creation and analysis of business indicators from all areas and sectors of the company. They are integrated and displayed on dashboards that make it easy to interpret information, generate visibility on the progress of activities ,and gives a 360º view of the operation- resulting in strategic insights and more assertive decision-making. 

360º business vision

By centralizing all your company’s data, Azure Analytics also polishes it, removing inconsistencies and incorrect data. In addition, it corrects failures and generates business indicators that allow managers and leaders to carry out more assertive analysis, have a complete vision of the progress of processes, suggest improvements, changes, investments, and make decisions in a secure, fact-based way.

Sales predictions

Through data analysis and intelligence, leaders and managers now have complete control over the business and operations, in addition to being able to make more realistic and assertive sales predictions. With more reliable data and trend analysis, managers gain greater control of the overall progress of the company, resulting in performance improvements.

Performance analysis of departments, products and services

Azure Analytics allows a holistic view of all organization areas, as well as all the products and services offered. By analyzing each item’s performance, it becomes possible to detect gaps and failures, improvements and necessary adjustments are suggested for better operation performance.

Data discovery

Azure Analytics data intelligence enables the company to identify trends, patterns, behaviors, and several other essential business indicators for the day-to-day operation.

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Azure Analytics has a wide set of solutions that transform data into valuable business insights. The tool unifies information in dashboards that are easy to view and explore.  Microsoft Azure Analytics also facilitates the interpretation of dashboard  content, updated in real time.   

Microsoft Azure Analytics for
all industries and sectors

Microsoft Azure Analytics is intended for all businesses and industries,
as well as all sectors from the market.

Boost business by investing in data analytics.

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