About Us

About US

As a market leader in providing the Microsoft Dynamics Solution for over 10 years, AlfaPeople has expanded its operations to 14 countries worldwide. With over 550 employees, AlfaPeople offers a range of Microsoft Business Solutions from Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM to Social Engagement and Business Intelligence.

As one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics Partners, AlfaPeople delivers excellent customer service to ensure that clients’ requirements are met. Our teams combine business and technical knowledge with industry expertise, to provide outstanding results for organizations that intend to take the next step with their solution technologies.

Our Vision

We believe software as a service is the business model for the future and is one that is available today. For most clients, this licensing model and online deployment model is the optimum foundation for their organization. It provides balance between price, quality, functionality, scalability and security. If flexibility, privacy or continuity are priorities, we also deliver and support solutions that can be deployed on premise. However, we believe that in time these priorities will be better served with software as a service.

You will also benefit from our online consulting services. All our service processes are optimized to deliver best of breed consulting services, with a global team of consultants and experts on hand to ensure that you receive the service you deserve. In this way, our online consulting services are not only financially competitive and compelling, but also safer.

Some of our implementation projects involve working onsite for up to 20% of the time. However, having IT consultants based from a client’s office for days and weeks is inefficient and costly, and so should be limited. Additional costs for travel, accommodation and travel-time are highly visible extras. These hidden costs accumulate over time and are counter productive for your organisation. For example, onsite inefficiency occurs due to the challenges involved in planning and coordinating with a client’s busy schedules, and adds unnecessary costs in many situations. More importantly, limiting onsite work allows full use of global specialists who can address the most demanding tasks.

We believe there is a better way if you share our vision for online software and online services.

Our Mission

Any organization needs carefully selected business processes, tailored for their specific needs, in place to make them unique and competitive. If a 100% standard IT solution is your choice, you either don’t have unique business processes yet or your IT solution will not support them in the future.

Our mission is to enable growth and provide unique, competitive business processes supported by flexible and capable Microsoft Dynamics solutions and industry add-ons with additional enhancements.
If you have a unique business and a standard IT solution, there will be gaps. This means either changing the solution or changing the way the organization runs, both of which are lengthy and expensive routes.

We believe nothing will provide better return on investment than to build or enhance your unique business processes with a perfect fitting and flowing IT solution. No company becomes a market leader without a unique IT solution. Allow us to empower you: we will design it, build it and deliver it.

We also work to consolidate local systems into a global solution and are committed to offering our customers what we call a ‘one organization, one system’ approach. No IT system should be an island, neither should any part of an organization. One global solution can include several best-of-breed integrated applications. Our key priority is to remove all redundant systems and data from mission-critical business-process across an organization, to ensure it is as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Solution design originates from client requirements. Our mission is to identify, build and support every client’s corporate best practices and limit an organization’s real or perceived local requirements or need for customizations, while achieving high user adoption.

Our Identity

AlfaPeople delivers Professional Services to local and global organizations with a clear approach:

  • We know – With over 500 clients around the world, we know how to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We know the solutions inside out and making implementations successful is part of our ‘knowhow’.
  • We care – Yes, we care. As much as our clients will directly benefit from having a powerful solution we understand that taking care along the way in managing the project makes a real difference.
  • We deliver – We deliver and tailor solutions to our clients even when it requires collaboration from overseas resources. Our flexible structure makes us one of the strongest Microsoft Partners.

Our Values

Our values represent who we are and how we work. They guide the way we envision our relationships with partners and employees. Through integrity, focus, passion and respect, we have created a strong and vibrant culture where modelling ideas are key to our success.

  • Integrity – Honesty and trust are the central points of our integrity. We listen to individuals and show respect for different backgrounds, experiences and approaches.
  • Focus – We have a unique drive for success. We strive to achieve results and help our clients become successful.
  • Passion – Passion is at the core of any AlfaPeople employee. We pride ourselves on making our work environment positive, energizing and optimistic. We promote and encourage individuals to share their ideas.
  • Diversity – Our teams come from around the world. We actively make our people feel valued, appreciated and listened to.

Our People and Culture

We are proud of our company culture, but we are also committed to improving it further. Our staff know that AlfaPeople is the perfect organization to develop their careers locally and internationally. We strive to inspire our employees to become better team players and to build strong, international relationships with open communications at all levels. We value our multi-cultural and diverse organization.

We are a market leaders in Microsoft Dynamics services because our people deliver the best and most competitive services online, not onsite. Online, all our specialists are available to all of our customers. Available globally, our people can specialize at a level not facilitated by other Microsoft Dynamics organizations. Specialized and online, work comes to you, which in turn is a new way of providing best-in-class services to clients. Our employees will have the freedom to choose where they want to live and work. They will be connected with colleagues anywhere. We are global citizens thanks to our strategy and you are most valuable to us where you are as happy as you can be.

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