Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform

Optimize your processes using the power
of a low-code platform

Microsoft Power Platform

Improving the experience of both employees and customers is one of the main goals of any company.
Have you ever imagined doing this in an uncomplicated, fast, economical way,
and generating more value to the organization?

With Microsoft Power Platform, completely based on low-code no-code functions, your team can develop applications, automate processes, accelerate business, and improve day-to-day operations. 


Business acceleration  

The increasing speed of technological changes, added to customer demands, requires your company to keep up with this evolution by investing in tools that accelerate the delivery of solutions and products to the market, and enable quick reactions to business demands.

Microsoft Power Platform has components that can be implemented alone or together to address these challenges. 


Easy integration and usability 

Microsoft Power Platform can be integrated with over 700 systems, tools, and platforms. In addition to being totally intuitive, it can be used via a browser, not requiring any implementation in your company’s systems. 


Consulting and support for Best Practices 

For your organization to have governance in the management of solutions and applications created, AlfaPeople experts are always available to guide and show the best practices of Microsoft Power Platform.

It’s important to remember that we are a Microsoft International Partner, and we want to be by your side on this Digital Transformation journey. 

devices power platform

Generate more value for customers by creating
products and services in record time

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