Microsoft Catalyst

Invest in digital transformation with
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Microsoft Catalyst

Digitally transforming business is urgent, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult!

Creating, planning and executing digital transformation strategies is simpler than you might think!
Using the Microsoft Catalyst methodology as a basis, AlfaPeople helps companies to reinvent their businesses by modernizing processes, products, and services in an assertive, objective, conscious, and structured way. 

Strategic method, which
directly impacts business growth

In order for your company to transform business in an effective, uncomplicated way, and obtain structured planning strategies in a few weeks, the Microsoft Catalysts methodology is based on four fundamentals: 


Imagine what the future of your business will be like and define the steps of the digital transformation journey.


Quantify the real value of the digital transformation for your business, the technological impact of the changes, and what it will take to make this a reality.


Ensure the adherence of the entire company, applying immersive and personalized experiences to each area involved in the digital transformation process.


Execute your strategy and ensure that the project comes to fruition in a fluid and light way, while bringing value to your company and its customers.

How AlfaPeople will transform your business
through Microsoft Catalyst

With a deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies and the Microsoft Catalyst methodology,
AlfaPeople helps your organization to revolutionize its business by using totally personalized planning,
made according to your reality.

Alfapeople createsobjectives, with short, medium, and long term  goals in areas  including  operations, etc., Step by step, AlfaPeople will modernize processes and significantly improve the company’s results,
as well as operational efficiency.

Check out our  step by step work, using Microsoft Catalyst: 

Establishing priorities

Deploying Design Thinking concepts, AlfaPeople’s specialists identify the solutions that best suit the company and that are fully aligned with the business priorities. This step is cruicial in finding and avoiding unnecessary or erroneous investments that will not bring benefits to the company.

Digital transformation project organization

After a thorough study of the right technologies for your business and a detailed analysis of the complexity of each chosen solution, AlfaPeople prepares an implementation roadmap – designed to support the organization’s strategic objectives – defining which areas, processes, products, and services should be prioritized. This phase of the project is crucial, as it defines the entire transformation journey: beginning, middle, end, and future plans for your business’ transformation journey.

ROI definition

AlfaPeople’s experts help your company to quantify the ROI (Return on Investment) of each technology and the digital transformation as a whole, so that leaders and decision makers understand the real value of the initiative and the positive impacts to the business.

Collaborative and transparent work

At AlfaPeople, we develop the work with full involvement of your company’s leaders and stakeholders.There is joint alignment on investment objectives, the step-by-step of each process, and the respective responsibilities within each innovation project. The organization’s participation, from the construction of innovation idealizations to their implementation, make it possible to obtain the best results with digital transformation projects.Everyone on board will have vast knowledge about the subjects and clarity of objectives.

MVP projects that precede implementation

To implement any new technology, it’s ideal that the projects are really mature and the managers are confident about this decision. Therefore, the Microsoft Catalyst methodology was designed so that solutions are tested before dissemination and adoption throughout the company. This is possible because the projects we develop always include the creation of personalized demonstrations and MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which attest, in practice, whether investments in solutions present a significant ROI to the business. This stage also contributes to the acculturation of new technologies to the employees. It’s a two-way street!


Our differentials

By uniting all of AlfaPeople’s expertise with a world-renowned methodology, Microsoft Catalyst, you guarantee more assertive, faster, and structured digital transformation projects! In this way, growth opportunities are accelerated and your company gains scalability, generating more business, increasing sales, in addition to building customer loyalty. 

  • Strategic, personalized and continuous consulting, always aligned with your company’s needs, as well as its stage of maturity and business objectives. 
  • Professionals trained in the main Microsoft technologies. 
  • Proven experience in hundreds of initiatives worldwide. 

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