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The single solution for equipment, teams and processes

Across the supply chain, technology has revolutionised daily production and commercial performance, delivering drastically improved operational efficiency and stronger bottom lines. But manufacturing businesses must take the next step. From big data analytics and major advances in machine learning, integrated manufacturing software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives companies the ERP and CRM tools necessary to tackle the growing challenges of a competitive digitalised market. Unlock optimised productivity and stronger customer satisfaction today!

“We found AlfaPeople to be the provider we could trust. Their consultants attended various meetings to properly understand Permoda’s daily activities and provide us with the greatest scope for us to gain full control over our global operations.”

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Josué Serpa

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Supporting manufacturers with powerful Industry 4.0 tools

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturers is a best-in-class software for manufacturers that combines CRM and ERP systems with powerful business applications and industry-specific add-ons. As more companies simplify their process-heavy operations through digitisation, today’s best manufacturing software must also nurture outstanding customer satisfaction processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturers is the ideal software for customer engagement, manufacturing business analytics, and general oversight of daily operations and financials. Learn more about this unique suite of tools!

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Intuitive real-time control over supply chains

Digital transformation, facilitated by the world’s best manufacturing ERP and CRM solutions, eliminates outmoded processes in favor of centralised databasing, automation and full operational and financial insight. Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing provides businesses with intuitive and real-time control in a single platform. It encourages collaboration, user mobility, agility in IT, and speed; while streamlining daily activities like inventory monitoring, quality control, and maintenance. Addressing seasonality and market trends, Dynamics 365’s manufacturing analytics tools and built-in AI capabilities encourage improved reporting and planning – fueling efficiency and drawing business value from optimisation.

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From product configuration to inventory management and distribution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing is a powerful tool to sync products, people and processes in a single integrated platform. Asset management is a fundamental aspect of a manufacturer’s business model – and asset mismanagement is a major profit pitfall for businesses that ignore the next stage of industry-wide digitisation, choosing instead to maintain separate systems to store and manage data. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing is a profit- and future-focused tool that centralises data for remote resolution of incidents, improved handling of the machine lifecycle and enhanced uptime, among other advantages.

Manufacturers face major challenges in their attempts to shorten production cycles and take better products to market, quicker. The world we live in – where big data rules – presents both challenges and opportunities for manufacturers. By leveraging manufacturing software like Dynamics 365, firms can draw on broader, smarter datasets to determine actionable insights and facilitate the creation of better production and commercial strategies. In simple terms, the benefits of this leading manufacturing software include waste elimination, reduced errors, improved customer engagement and stronger profits.

Manufacturing companies turn to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the visibility and interconnectivity it offers over the entire supply chain. Simplify production floor management! Connect distribution, customer service, sales and marketing to meet rising expectations for product and service delivery! Get your demo of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing today!

Spotlight: Finance & Operations

The intricacies of manufacturing often result in cumbersome and error-prone financial and operational practices which quickly becoming the norm. Businesses in the sector need digital tools to centralise data for a complete, real-time overview of their end-to-end operations: production, management, resources, planning, budgeting and reporting; while also driving best-practice accounting and strong commercial strategies. AlfaPeople has worked with manufacturing leaders in countries like Chile on implementations of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, to modernise facilities, integrate production processes and free information from existing data silos for smarter, more efficient decision making. AlfaPeople will continue its leadership in the sector with an eye on automation, robotics and Azure’s cognitive services.

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What’s life like on the Cloud?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a gateway for Manufacturing companies to access Cloud-based technologies for the effective management of assets, human resources and datasets. With Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud system) and Office 365, power of Dynamics 365 reaches new heights, offering users independence, storage, scalability and availability.

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