Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Improve your company’s Sales team performance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

The Commercial area is one of the foundations of any organization.
After all, it is  sales that keep the business running and on the rise.
With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, your company provides more personalized customer services,
automates sales processes, improves  conversion rates, and  team management.  

Sell more and more accurately
with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Created to optimize the company’s Sales area, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales supports, with a 360º view, the whole commercial process, including: leads qualification,  sales funnel stages, quotations, orders, contracts, and other crucial processes for the progress of the sector. In addition, it is possible to individually manage each member of the Commercial team, as well as have a complete view of each customer.
This view promotes actions focused strategically on leads, accounts, and potential opportunities
that have more relevance to the company. 

More personalized sales

Dynamics 365 Sales dashboards and panels allow the Commercial team to view, on a single screen, all relevant data of each customer, such as their preferences, contacts with the company and their purchase status, and the progress of business opportunities. This allows your sales team to carry out personalized, quick and assertive interactions, accelerating the sales process and customer satisfaction.

Intelligence applied to the sales process

The Dynamics 365 Sales Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) features make an automated analysis of the customer relationship track record, so that the Commercial team receives insight and guidance on the best moment for the sales, products, services actions, and relevant opportunities, optimizing Sales time and approaching the customer in an assertive manner.

Information and data centralization, with real-time updates

Dynamics 365 Sales dashboards and panels enable managers to have a 360º real-time view of customers, including completed, pending and future activities of each Commercial or Sales agent. The Sales dashboard also shows individual results and scores, so the sales team can strategically analyze the professionals performance, obtain insights, assertively define the relevant tasks for each of them, and have more control over sales targets.

Management improvement

Managing agents individually (whether they are in the Commercial or the Sales areas) with all the performance data and status of each customer. Dynamics 365 Sales makes management better, more assertive and reliable, resulting in more strategic decision-making. Microsoft´s solution can be integrated with legacy systems and other tools used by the company, which makes it even more robust, generating analytical capacity to the Commercial area managers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has advanced AI features and intuitive interface, making data easy to see and understand. The tool can be used on a desktop, cell phone, tablet, or other mobile device, which provides mobility to the Commercial team. 

Obtain insights with real-time
sales data and information

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