In today’s job market, growth at a Microsoft partner is limitless
AlfaPeople |
Jul 11, 2019

In today’s job market, growth at a Microsoft partner is limitless

Nicolo Carrero is Based Installed Area Manager at AlfaPeople Chile, based in Santiago. In this blog, Nicolo reflects on the changes he has experienced at a company whose workforce is now four times bigger than it was when he started, and which continues to grow and evolve at the pace of Microsoft’s exciting technological innovations.

My work at AlfaPeople over the past eight and a half years has been one of the most interesting, enriching, character-building and challenging experiences I’ve had in my professional life. I’ve witnessed the evolution and growth of AlfaPeople since 2010, when I first arrived in Chile. Back then, there were just 152 of us to cover operations across Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico and Chile, with 23 people allocated specifically to Chile. Today, Chile alone employs 103 people.

These 103 employees are a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. There is also a strong inter-generational aspect to our team, which puts an interesting spin on interactions and teamwork. In addition, there has been a significant growth in the number of positions held by women, including top-tier management positions.

The speed of transformation within the company has gone hand-in-hand with the thundering pace of technological change. Despite the ever-shorter timeframes to adopt this technology, our teams have shown real skill in adapting and learning; we have seen people make huge progress and grow.

Professionally speaking, I’ve tackled big challenges and had intense experiences creating or developing positions in the company. Often these positions were not part of the company structure, so I had the additional challenge of creating and consolidating them, and meeting a range of expectations throughout the company. On the other hand, I also helped to develop existing positions that needed to evolve to address the growing complexities of a larger company with broader product and service offerings.

AlfaPeople has helped me to develop skills that I never imagined I’d have. The company gave me the opportunity to apply, develop and strengthen these skills by taking on new professional challenges across several departments, such as Implementation Consulting, Technology, Development, Customer Support, the Project Office, Business, Pre-Sales, Human Resources and most recently (one month ago) management of the new Installed Base area. As such, I’ve come to experience and understand the complete value chain; which has brought added value to my work, an understanding of how areas interact, and how our company’s machinery is geared and oiled to adapt to new market demands.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve also built solid professional relationships in every level of the company; not to mention valuable personal relationships. AlfaPeople is akin to a big family comprised of people with long track records and permanency, which speaks very highly of a company within the global consulting sector.

AlfaPeople has enabled me to grow first and foremost as a person, allowing me to work with our people’s soft skills, and help create teams that are highly committed, motivated and always willing to collaborate.

This company respects your personal time so you can balance work and your family life well. My gratitude and fondness for AlfaPeople will last forever.

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