Missed us at NABCA’s 80th Annual Conference?
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May 30, 2017

Missed us at NABCA’s 80th Annual Conference?

AlfaPeople was an exhibitor at NABCA’s 80th annual conference in Marco Island, which focused on innovation, collaboration, and taking advantage of change. This yearly conference is the meeting place of NABCA officers, directors and staff, Control State Officials, Governmental Members, NABCA Suppliers, Brokers and Allies in general. The conference has a focus on providing ideas, thoughts and new approaches for the liquor trade and consumption everywhere.

The event, held on May 22-25, brought together various professionals, sponsors and vendors. AlfaPeople was a proud sponsor of the trade show, which showcased all kinds of offerings for Control States, from software and services to new liquor vendors and logistic companies.

Some of the highlights of the conference were the following sessions:

  • “Negotiating in a Polarized World” general session by Senator George Mitchell. George shared some of his past personal and professional experiences on pursuing and achieving peace, including his take on the actual situation for United States and its allies and his take on the middle east.
  • “Diversity: Adapting to a changing workforce” session by Arne Sorensen, CEO of Marriot and Deirdre Mahlan, resident of Diageo North America. Arne shared experiences on how to adapt and embrace diversity within your company.
  • Wednesday’s general session was highlighted by the presentation of Tim Urban on Procrastination and why you should embrace it as part of your life. Tim Urban is the successful creator of the blog “Wait, But Why” with more than 500,000 subscribers and is also the presenter of one of the most successful TED talks ever with almost 13,000,000 views.
  • The final business session was focused on Trade Talk and how can this affect the states. This session highlighted Julien Hemard, Chief Commercial Officer of Pernod Ricard USA, Monica Guerrier from US Customs and Border Protection and Tom LaFaille, VP and International Trade Counsel of the Wine Institute.

AlfaPeople is a proud NABCA partner and has been working with controlled states for more than 5 years in the implementation of administrative systems to manage all their internal back office (financial, trade, warehouse) and store processes.

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