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Summary of the project:

In Totto we needed to carry out an update of the platform at the ERP level as well as at the POS level; previously we used AX 2009 with RMS at the points of sale. Additionally, these two systems were not integrated, which limited the interaction between both systems to export information in one and import it into the other, however, most of the time it was not done and were managed separately, which caused us a greater consumption of resources and time, in addition to the limitations given by the RMS system did not allow us to have a detailed control of the movement of the inventory, costs and so on.

As a second stage, it was decided to implement WMS allowing to optimize the handling of merchandise transfers to and from CEDI, as well as inventory management internally, maximizing the space available for storage, but keeping identified and separated inventories for Wholesale and Retail.

3 benefits for your company

  • Being able to adopt a complete integrated solution with Dynamics 365 allowed us to have control over inventory, obtain information about sales, which in turn streamlined the response and ability to reprovision the points of sale, opened the possibility of offering its customers the possibility of transferring products between stores and from stores to CEDI, which speeds up product turnover and delivery to customers.
  • The fact that store sales are now integrated into the main system, allows you to run the record of states by store daily and that managers have up-to-date information on merchandise movements, profits, promotions applied, payment methods used by customers, etc.
  • This provides us with the necessary information for making strategic decisions in record time that not only affects the wholesale part of the business, but also includes the retail part of it.

The experience of working with AlfaPeople:

At Totto we can enjoy a 100% tailor-made solution and meet the requirements of our daily operations, thanks to the AlfaPeople team.