Dynamics 365: Customizing the System and Building Product
AlfaPeople |
Jul 10, 2017

Dynamics 365: Customizing the System and Building Product

Currently, our ERP, Dynamics 365 for Operations, fulfills all the standard functionalities required by any large enterprise. It also supports multiple regions and their fiscal particularities depending on location, country, language, and business. But what happens when the System is not enough to cover all the business or the country needs?

With each version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, it has become easier to customize the system and better yet, each version’s personalization has become more globalized, currently having 100% of the system in Visual Studio. Friendlier to the technology team of any company and having such a globalized system, it allows an easier integration with other types of software, like accounting, production or payroll, among others.

With the tools provided by Visual Studio Team Services, it is easier and more standardized to build customizations and products. In addition, with the latest version of Dynamics 365 for Operations, it is easier to work integrated with Team Foundation Server, to have projects centralized in the cloud, to create Visual Studio projects already synchronized with Team Foundation Server and to be able to access them from any environment development. The installation in environments has been facilitated incredibly with new tools and install hot fixes and binary updates have been simplified considerably.

Another aspect that has helped us in product construction and customer customizations has been to have the environments in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure, so from any part of the world we can have a connection to the environment. The final interface is quite friendly to the users and works correctly in all browsers without the need to add plugins. In our clients we have created the necessary environments in the development stage and that are eliminated at the end of this stage leaving only one for this purpose. It is quite dynamic to duplicate and/or create new environments with adequate costs in accordance with the client’s Microsoft Azure subscription, saving on infrastructure resources, such as server and license purchases, for only one stage of the project.

With these improvements in product construction, at AlfaPeople Costa Rica we have started the process of certification of our products, starting with the locations we currently have in Central America and then moving to the verticals made in the system. In this way we are executing the processes of certification, migration, and validation from Lifecycle Services, appropriate our code to the system standards and most importantly, following good practices to achieve excellence in the product and deliver high-quality construction products and operating.

We are also currently in the process of extending our products. Dynamics 365 Operations allows us to customize (modify the standard object) and extend an object (create a parallel object based on the standard object). With each update of “release,” more possibilities of extending objects are opened and according to the information given by Microsoft, future versions will block the option to customize the standard and we will only be left with the options of Extension. So why wait for this to happen? We are anticipating the event and we are extending all the products.

In this way, Dynamics 365 for Operations will make it easier for us to work on aspects such as product installations, version migrations, joint partner-client work, or different partners in a single environment, without changing the standard and customizations of third parties.

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