Want Your Retail Business to Grow? You Need Discounts!
AlfaPeople |
Oct 25, 2017

Want Your Retail Business to Grow? You Need Discounts!

With Dynamics 365 for Retail, you can easily offer and manage discounts to attracts customers

Nowadays, consumers expect retailers to offer them something more than their competitors. They are always looking for loyalty programs, discounts and price adjustments. Offer your customers what they want! A relationship where you show them that they are important to you.

With Dynamics 365 for Retail, you can configure and manage four different types of discounts:

  • Regular Discount: This is the most basic discount and allows me to give a discount percentage or amount for a particular item. It’s the basic discount type we all know.
  • Mixed Discount: Is the type of discount given when a customer purchases a desired combination of items. For example, buy item A and get item B with a discount percentage.
  • Quantity Discount: Is the type of discount given to the buyer for acquiring a specific quantity of an item. For example, take 2 and the third one will be at half the price.
  • Threshold Discount: This type of discount is very similar to the quantity discount but is not based on the number of ítems acquired, instead it’s triggered by the total amount of the purchase made by the consumer, taking into account only the items that participate in the discount.

Although all of these discounts have differentiated mechanics they all share a couple of characteristics that make them very versatile:

  • Validity: In all of these cases you may establish an automatic validity so the system may activate and deactivate each of them without the need of the intervention from a user. This facilitates the control of the seasonal offers and discounts validity and helps avoid mistakes on that matter.
  • Selectivity: All of these discounts have the ability to choose over which items they will apply and not only on an item by item basis, they can also be assigned to whole items categories. On top of that, you may choose on which stores will a specific discount be available, empowering the retailer to control promotions and discounts in a regional way.

You also have the possibility of making price adjustments to the items desired since there are occasions where you may want to provide your customers a special price but it must not be recorded as a discount. However, at the end, the price adjustments are discounts applied to items and just like those, they can have a validity assigned, and can also be assigned to specific items, categories, and stores.

Another very important characteristic is their ability to be configured so they can be mixed among them, or make them exclusive. This way the retailer can make sure that only the desired discount will be active at a given time.

The tools to attract and keep your customers are at your reach with Dynamics 365 for Retail. Make sure that these are part of your team and keep up you competitivity on the retail’s horizon!