Start&Go Agile Sales: Introducing AlfaPeople’s premier sales automation tool powered by Dynamics 3 …
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Mar 26, 2020

Start&Go Agile Sales: Introducing AlfaPeople’s premier sales automation tool powered by Dynamics 3 …

Automize the sales force – Boosting sales, ensuring better deals and achieve targets outlined in strategic sales planning are the goals of any manager. Obtaining those results, however, is not always easy.

It’s been a long time coming but technology is finally finding a way to merge traditional sales methodologies with digital functionality that optimizes every aspect of daily sales workflows.

An exclusive AlfaPeople tool, native to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Start&Go Agile Sales effectively automates your sales force to improve conversion rates and simplify the management of sales teams. But that’s not all?

Why sales teams choose Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a world-class cloud-based business management platform. A wall-to-wall solution, it optimizes both external and internal business processes, guaranteeing the unique benefits that only a solution with this breadth of operations can provide to its users.

Currently, the software covers anything from digital marketing, sales, customer service and field service to financial and operational activities within the back office. A powerful out-of-the-box tool, Dynamics 365 also allows for verticalizations, configurations and customizations, meaning the tool can be built precisely for the needs of your company, sector and segment.

In addition, you as a client and consulting companies carrying out the implementation, such as AlfaPeople, enjoy more flexibility with the tools to build entirely new modules and vertical operating processes.

Along with such stand-alone features, some resources also easily intertwine. One example is Dynamics 365’s intuitive navigation or the transmission of processes visually and based on steps, as in the Business Process Management (BPM) tool. Other examples of functionality are:

  • service order dispatch
  • tracking of leads or the client’s next action
  • relationship rules.

With such functionality, marketing, for example, has access to the definition of a rule and to the prospecting funnel. From there, users can define next steps. For example: if a social media post is automatic; if the lead will be fed; the user’s score according to their relationship with the content, etc. What?s more, Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it possible to easily create graphics and dashboards, make queries and generate analysis with the data obtained across different modules. In many cases, its out-of-the-box functionality is enough for an organization. But it can be improved ? and that’s where Start&Go Agile Sales steps in.

Introducing Start&Go Agile Sales: The premiere digital tool for your sales force

Start&Go Agile Sales is a unique AlfaPeople tool native to Dynamics 365. The tool can be delivered and set-up for customers in next to no time given its powerful base Dynamics 365 functionality plus AlfaPeople’s tried-and-trusted configurations which shorten delivery time. AlfaPeople, depending on the needs of individual customers, also adds our own intellectual property (customizations) to the platform.

To meet sales demands, Start&Go Agile Sales is delivered to customers using our “Agile Sales” implementation strategy (hence the name!) which includes the Microsoft functional kit and the pre-configuration of processes according to modules such as real estate, marketing, customer service and sales. The tool is therefore vertical and involves just a small investment. As a customer, you have access to a level of functionality that adheres to your specific business processes ? a cost and risk-mitigating option that would not be possible with other products in their initial stage of development.

Reap cross-industry advantages across all sales processes

Start&Go Agile Sales has several adaptations for adoption across different business and industry types. The logic behind Start&Go Agile Sales centers on drawing the best from Dynamics 365 functionality for a particular department or sector, in this case sales processes, adding additional AlfaPeople IP including ready-made configurations and other add-ons, for the creation of entirely new process optimization.

Sales force automation

Start&Go has the ability to define and automate business processes. The survey and the implementation of the solution are agile and information is quickly organized to ensure fast and easy access to users. The flexibility and simplicity in configuring interfaces allows the team to focus on strategic activities instead of operational ones, to guarantee organizational innovation and the quality of the routines performed. This means more and better engagement with customers.

Improved integration & decision-making in management

Native integration with Office products and other Microsoft and third-party tools facilitates the definition and automation of processes, which increases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the return on investment (ROI). The unification with legacy systems and productivity tools further simplifies the capacity for management analysis and user adoption.


Start&Go is accessed by any device with internet access. Its analysis tools offer real-time insight to decision-makers and are easily configured.

How AlfaPeople delivers Start&Go Agile Sales powered by Dynamics 365

Start&Go is not a buy and play tool, since there is a certain level of complexity that requires at least one specialist to lead implementation. AlfaPeople is a leading Microsoft global partner responsible for the development and commercialization of the solution. We help your team to configure the system and adjust it according to the needs of your business.

What does this mean for you? A professional specialist in Start&Go and Dynamics 365 sets up the solution for you -giving you assistance in activation, licensing, through to go-live. The consultant also trains users in the potential of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft best practice.

To find out why Start&Go Agile Sales is the ideal module to automate your sales force and achieve better results, get in touch with us today and discuss with an AlfaPeople consultant what your company can achieve

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