Long and complex sales cycles require impeccable customer experience with Dynamics 365 for Real Estate
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Feb 06, 2020

Long and complex sales cycles require impeccable customer experience with Dynamics 365 for Real Estate

The real estate industry boom of a few years ago has since died down, and among the core areas of focus for future-driven firms in the sector must be innovation and the optimization of their customer service delivery.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is an ally in the battle to successfully merge customers and real estate offerings through technology. These solutions, when properly tailored to a business’s priorities, can open up new horizons for prospecting and generating new business opportunities.

In this post, we’ll look at how Dynamics 365 is driving change in the real estate sector.

The importance of data centralization for the real estate sector

At this stage of play, no one needs convincing when it comes to the impacts of digital transformation on consumer behavior. In an increasingly competitive landscape, it has become increasingly necessary to exceed customer expectations and stand out from the competition.

The challenges facing the real estate sector are common to all industries with a customer service and sales component. But the stakes for real estate customers are arguably incomparable: their life projects, dreams and achievements culminating in a large and often complex financial transaction in which the interactions they have with a real estate firm must be impeccable.

The centralization of data is an essential tool for real estate companies, allowing them to gather large volumes of information that can be crossed-referenced with and stored in a client database. With centralized information, processes ultimately move faster, boosting integration while also facilitating more organized management and greater reliability of records. In customer service, functionality such as the record of visits to properties, service dates and personal information, streamline and customize each interaction.

Dynamics 365 for Real Estate enables lead capture from first contact

Microsoft Dynamics 365 consists of both front-office and back-office modules. These are known, respectively, in software terms as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) systems.

Integrable with Microsoft partner IP and third-party add-ons, Dynamics 365’s simple interface and powerful automation tools can be applied to the most diverse business processes, such as Sales, Marketing, Service and Customer Service, Operations, Project Management and Finance. However, the biggest advantage of Dynamics 365 ? functioning on their own or in unison ? is its customization capability.

With this in mind, AlfaPeople has developed a specific solution for the real estate sector, deploying horizontal adjustments and the optimization of existing functionality for prospecting, sales and customer service.

Dynamics 365 for Real Estate helps you build a complete history of customer relationships from first contact. For this, we have focused on tools for the planning of communication with the customer, through interaction channels – email, website, telephone and chat – leading to the proper mapping of the qualification of leads.

When it comes to Marketing, users of Dynamics 365 for Real Estate can define each step of the relationship rule according to the prospecting funnel. For example: automatic posts, email nutrition streams, relationship scoring system, landing page forms, among other actions involving content.

And the process goes even further, directing the prospect to online services with specialized brokers who will invite them to visit the sales stand, get to know the furnished apartment and so on.

How Dynamics 365 for Real Estate helps organize lead information

With a focus on the personalization of interactions, several real estate sector best practices have been introduced to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, such as Sales Lead Capture, Credit Collection and Recovery, Unit Customization, Property and Condominium Management, Property Registration, among others.

All of these features allow you to improve the organization of lead information. For sales, for example, you can consolidate lead qualification by mapping opportunities and leading the person through the sales funnel.

Several other useful tools in this process of organization, pre and post-sale, worth mentioning are:

  • Call Center: Customer Service base, with occurrence opening, multichannel call management, knowledge base, subject catalog, service SLA, involvement of resolution areas and satisfaction survey.
  • Inspection and Technical Assistance Center: specific module for field service, such as inspection and technical assistance processes related to the property. Includes work orders, scheduling, routing, check-in and check-out.
  • Real Estate Web Portal: enables the registration of units sold, customer registration, and email and satisfaction survey sends.

What to do next with your Dynamics 365 database?

Dynamics for Real Estate brings efficiency and optimization in customer service by enabling best-practice use of information gathered by builders, developers and their brokers.

The Register of Enterprises, for example, facilitates the management of properties per tower or unit as well as the monitoring of the status of jobs. The Real Estate Contracts function, meanwhile, offers a history of purchase and call opening qualification, helping you to raise the level of customer service quality.

Another big differentiator is the sales mirror, where available apartments are showcased and a prospect can enjoy a more visually engaging idea of the property. For example: with the exact dimension of where the unit is, on which floor, which side, how much light the apartment receives, etc. There is also the option of using search filters such as per neighborhood or region of interest.

Finally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP modules, which relate to the administrative and financial part of the system, and PSA (Project Service Automation), are also available. The latter works as a merger of Dynamics 365 with PSA and makes it possible to set up and manage projects.

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Standing out in any market is essential and even more so in the context of increasingly demanding consumers. In the age of experiences, optimizing customer service is the most effective way to generate qualified leads, increase sales and consolidate your business.

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