Important! Microsoft Announces Discontinued Features in Future Versions of Dynamics 365
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Aug 09, 2017

Important! Microsoft Announces Discontinued Features in Future Versions of Dynamics 365

For you who already use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your organization, stay tuned, some functionality will be discontinued in future product releases.

But what does Microsoft mean with the term “discontinued”?

It means they will continue to function and be supported normally. This is until they are removed from a future version. That will not be tomorrow. It may take years to occur. It’s important that you stay tuned, as you’ll need enough time to update your code before the features are removed.

Why is Microsoft disabling this?

In order to innovate, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is constantly changing, so new features are released at each version that can replace old functionalities, improving product performance. IT administrators and IT professionals should be aware of all updates to improve the performance of their organization.

Who can be affected?

Customers who upgrade Microsoft Dynamics 365 On Premises or use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online will potentially be affected.

What features are we talking about?

The following lists the features that will be discontinued in future releases of the product as well as general recommendations for typical scenarios:

If you would like to check on more detailed information on the Microsoft website, check out this link: Important changes coming in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

What you should do?

Start thinking about how to override these features at some point in the upgrade so that your users and your organization are not affected by the changes. Stay tuned for updates released by Microsoft and keep your product up-to-date.

What happens if you do nothing?

At first, nothing will change. Tthe features will continue to work and will be supported normally. But in future versions, the features will not work or disappear from the product.

Are you in doubt or need help?

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