AlfaPeople and Verita Partner to Improve Healthcare Safety with AI
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Jun 19, 2018

AlfaPeople and Verita Partner to Improve Healthcare Safety with AI

The team at AlfaPeople are pleased to announce a new partnership with Verita Consultancy. Verita is partnering with AlfaPeople to explore the power of AI to improve healthcare safety.

A unique partnership is underway to drive up safety in the health sector. Verita are combining their unrivaled experience in healthcare investigations with AlfaPeople’s expertise in artificial intelligence, data, and management systems.

Ed Marsden, Verita’s managing director said:

“The use of AI in health is breaking new ground, for example in faster and more accurate diagnosis. We want to test new areas, like reducing avoidable harm for patients or learning lessons in real time. Our partnership with AlfaPeople is only just beginning but has significant potential.”

AlfaPeople looks forward to embarking on this exciting journey with Verita to transform healthcare organizations globally to utilize a digital and modern workplace.

Phil Rawlinson, AlfaPeople’s managing director said:

“We understand the power of machine learning combined with patient-centric technologies to improve the experience for all involved in healthcare investigations.  I look forward to realizing groundbreaking solutions together over the course of our partnership.”

About Verita

Verita is a leading independent consultancy for regulated organizations and specializes in carrying out thorough investigations for clients on a range of complex and sensitive organizational problems across the health, education, business to government and charity sectors. Verita’s sixteen years of experience in healthcare investigations provides the in-depth expertise needed to create this solution. Visit for more information.

About AlfaPeople

AlfaPeople is a Global Pure-Play Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Partner, delivering value-based solutions, advancing on the Dynamics platform to revolutionise organisations and industries globally. AlfaPeople works across Healthcare, Financial Services, Professional Services and beyond, to deliver solutions on based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. AlfaPeople also have expertise across collaborative platforms such as Provance ITSM and Power BI, and Social Listening.