AlfaPeople Colombia and Terasys Deliver Electronic Billing for Dynamics 365 to Their Customers
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Dec 21, 2017

AlfaPeople Colombia and Terasys Deliver Electronic Billing for Dynamics 365 to Their Customers

Terasys is a technological provider authorized by the DIAN through resolution 2543 of April 7, 2017.

This alliance will provide greater value to customers by allowing Dynamics 365 to manage, issue, receive, send, store and control electronic invoicing documents, which complies with the legal, regulatory and enforceable requirements of the DIAN, the regulatory entity.

NOOVA electronic billing guarantees the reduction of risk and the excessive consumption of resources, through practical functions and easy interaction, its operation is guaranteed without neglecting the importance of data security.

This alliance is another example of how AlfaPeople seeks to deliver to its customers, solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, modern, quality and added value, which contribute to meet specific business and tax requirements for each country. Some of the benefits obtained with electronic invoicing are:

  • Complete ecosystem of electronic businesses based on UBL2.0 as: payroll, logistics, production, financial, among others.
  • Invoices issuance, notes and equivalent documents
  • Reception of supplier invoices
  • Integration with ERP, invoice and POS systems
  • Software enabled before the DIAN
  • Electronic filing
  • Management indicators
  • Transactional services portal
  • Cloud storage
  • Online collection
  • Factoring integration

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