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Now more than ever, the healthcare sector needs to take a bold leap toward change. With technological innovations taking hold of all aspects of our lives, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides businesses and organizations in healthcare with a comprehensive slate of digital tools to revolutionize the sectors daily operations and financial management. Security, scalability, reporting, mobility  Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the medical software solution your staff, clinicians and patients will thank you for!

Lene Dalsj Bull


Lene Dalsj Bull


Following the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and MyCare, and our collaboration with AlfaPeople, we are now fully focused on the alignment of work processes and economies of scale. In these areas, we have seen some of the greatest gains. It has meant we can continue to deliver good and increasingly improved services to our clients.

Improving patient´s healthcare access with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Driving digital transformation in Healthcare

As a PRM (Patient Relationship Management) systemMicrosoft Dynamics 365 brings the benefits of automation and centralized databasing to the healthcare sector, facilitating essential tasks such as bed blocking, patient flow and the reservation of surgical facilities. With a growing disconnect between providers and their patients, PRM technology focuses on rooting out redundant, repetitive and paper-driven processes in favor of an integral patient-centric approach to service delivery, addressing target areas such as patient waiting times and referral to treatment. Watch this short video to discover how Microsoft’s PRM technology is encouraging positive, proactive change in healthcare!

Did you know?

By 2023, virtual encounters will exceed face-to-face care delivery encounters, resulting in a dramatic realignment of clinical care and health IT.

By 202360% of healthcare consumers will have access to and control of their health data using a technology of their own choosing.

* Gartner, Predict 2019:? Healthcare Providers Must Embrace Digital Transformation, December 10, 2018

Spotlight: Healthcare

Frontline healthcare workers are often weighed down by significant time and resource pressures. That’s where technology can help – automating administrative tasks and allowing healthcare staff to focus their attention on crucial areas of their work, especially patient wellbeing. AlfaPeople has worked on several projects in the healthcare sector, including the Virtual Fracture Clinic and most recently EVA Applications. With growing patient numbers and budget cuts, the healthcare industry face growing challenges to keep up with the needs of the population. AlfaPeople is working to introduce Artificial Intelligence and machine technology to future-proof healthcare services and ensure patients are receiving the very best care and treatment on the market.

Unleash your organizations potential with secure digital tools

Healthcare and medical software solutions are a driving force for change in a sector focused, in more ways than one, on proactive and preventative ways to deliver sustainable quality services. From finances and policy through to research and patient engagement, Dynamics 365 for Healthcare centralizes daily processes into a single interface, integrating with world-class communications tools like Skype for Business and Office 365, as well as Microsofts cloud-based security mechanisms for world-class data protection.

Get a 360 view of your patients

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare is a patient-centric medical management software solution that offers providers a full, real-time insight into a patients journey: their medical history, care plans, medication, test results, diagnosis, and more. With a centralized, secure and where necessary anonymous view of the patient, providers can direct patients along the very best care plans, encouraging self-service appointments, facilitating access to personal records and test results, and effectively addressing concerns even before they arise, with real-time access to data.

Improve data quality and insights

The policy and research ambitions of any healthcare organization are severely stunted by challenges stemming traditional forms of data management: manual processes, paper-based forms, data duplication and double keying of information. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare is a medical software solution that goes well beyond the necessary improvement of patient engagement, service delivery and financial management, to offer healthcare organizations unique insights into their own work.

Save precious time and money

Technology is delving deeper and deeper into the complexities of the healthcare sector. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcares streamlining of daily operations and patient engagement can open a world of benefits for providers, improving revenues for private organizations and reducing costs for public bodies with significant budgetary constraints. Centralized data bases and greater collaboration across departments provides insight into operational problem areas, procedural breakdowns, and even the management of stock and equipment, while reporting tools give management a comprehensive slate of functions to address immediate and long-term financial challenges.

Operate securely on the Cloud

Security is fundamental for the success in the digital era. Now more than even, you need technology supported by broader systems of data protection and system security. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is being stored in highly-secure, state-of-the-art centers managed by Microsoft.

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