Do All Companies Need IT Services?
AlfaPeople |
Aug 31, 2017

Do All Companies Need IT Services?

Have you ever thought that your company does not require Information Technology services? What tasks are carried out using IT? Can you survive without IT Services?

These questions seem almost unquestionable in our day, just think about what happens in our companies when the light goes out: our telephone exchange works through the network and stops operating, our home-based links where we have, for example, our emails, stop working; We cannot process the invoices we sell, as well as a number of basic services such as printing, distributing information and sharing knowledge would not be possible if we do not have the right technology.

This technology allows obtaining a diversity of services that provide the solution to the needs of processing, storage, distribution, and other related.

What benefits do I get from Information Technology?

We get access to all kinds of information, whether it is the company and its work, or the competition.
It facilitates teamwork processes by using collaborative tools that allow us to create, for example, information libraries where we can interact, store, collaborate and publish relevant documentation for the work team.

Daily work as communication is more simple and timely. The e-mail and the chat have come to solve the needs of exchange of ideas in a fast and secure way. Easier information processing, which can be evidenced with accounting applications, cost management, and billing processes.

Being clear and evident the need to have IT services, we must analyze the use and reasonability of such important resources, as well as ensure that the services we provide are of adequate quality and stability so that the end user receiving these services can work on your day to day. The management of these services is carried out by the personnel in charge of IT, either own or subcontracted, who must always have a to-do list to ensure the continuity of the service.

Can a good IT service help me increase sales?

Of course! Here is an example:
Through email I can contact a potential customer base and provide information on the products I sell; provide a good follow-up to those who show interest, and have new business opportunities. With a web page as a portal of our company, I can make known the offers, work that we do, references of successful businesses; events and so on. Given the current high consumer tendency to find out before contacting the selected supplier is an excellent opportunity to make ourselves known. Publish self-management portals, so that our clients have tools to put cases, see the follow-up and resolution of them.

How do I provide IT services efficiently?

To ensure that we are delivering high quality IT services, with an optimum response time, I must adhere to a framework of good IT practices, framed according to the services we will provide. A good frame of reference for good practices for Information Services is ITIL (which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

ITIL establishes standards that enable the control, operation, and administration of resources, as well as restructure processes and identify gaps, in order to improve efficiency and lead your organization towards continuous improvement.

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