AlfaPeople: A Company That Not Only Provides Solutions to its Customers, But Opportunities for its Employees
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Mar 06, 2018

AlfaPeople: A Company That Not Only Provides Solutions to its Customers, But Opportunities for its Employees

My work experience began since I joined AlfaPeople. I finished my college studies and, on my way to graduate I undertook that difficult job of getting a job. I only had with me the knowledge of 5 years of studies and the will and commitment to start acquiring work experience in what I liked the most. Everything I imagined, except to work with a company that gave me the ability to train and work while receiving my salary, that would allow me to work in an ERP that involves a complexity of management quite high, and that would appreciate my qualities and be involved in the Microsoft Dynamics world, which is a worldwide community.

Work has been a learning experience! And is not for less. I have been involved in this company for approximately 2 years and a half and I feel that the knowledge I have acquired has been quite extensive, especially in terms of handling the tool in several standard modules and even own products developed by the operations team, functional tests, support in consulting, gathering documentation and putting into practice the logic within the client’s business process. It has allowed me in so short a time to develop in one or another project in the implementation stage, to be certified in standard modules, and being part of the product certification team before Microsoft.

And what about the working environment? I can sincerely say that recently a set of changes and strategies have been developed aimed at employee well-being and satisfaction. The objectives, purpose, and values of the company have been redefined, as well as the environment at the office. It is possible now to take advantage of spaces for recreation and rest without leaving aside the responsibility of the daily assignments, and this allows us to greatly reduce the daily stress.

On the other hand, the team that makes up this organization is a group of people with human quality. We know that we are professionals and especially professional experts in this type of software, but that we are human beings and we have difficulties in our day to day and as well defined by two of the values within our organization, we work as a team and reach what we propose. Although we have to deliver a solution to the client, we are not alone and the premise of “working as a team” and supporting one another is something that has always characterized us.

Finally, I can only say that the experience of being in an organization that values its employees and works for their welfare, is an organization worth working for. And this is the kind of organization that knows how to appreciate the kind of professionals it has. This is the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the world in which we work!

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