New customer – Confidence Group invests in CRM for Digital Transformation
AlfaPeople |
Jun 08, 2017

New customer – Confidence Group invests in CRM for Digital Transformation

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, Brazil’s largest exchange group seeks to expand its sales and customer service capabilities.

The Confidence Group is focused on the foreign exchange market since its beginning. With a vast products and services portfolio, Confidence is the exchange market leader in Brazil and part of Travelex, the largest exchange group in the world. The company has a big technology investment capacity, exchange specialists and a unique vision of the importance of channel availability for customer service. And Confidence is now moving towards digital transformation.

The company had an internal CRM system that, with increased operations, needed improvements to accommodate all the activities and processes established by the sales and service areas. To choose the best technology to replace the current one, Confidence benchmarked various market tools and after a thorough research and various presentations chose the Microsoft platform.

“With Microsoft Dynamics 365 we seek to create custom processes, improve information management and add to the digital evolution that Confidence Group goes through. Our goal is to strengthen our customer relationships and provide all the support our customers need in the shortest possible time. We take into consideration important factors for choosing Dynamics, such as the implementation period, the expectation of rapid return on investment, the best support for the Group’s digital transformation and growth, and the potential for generating business”, explains Arthur Pelanda, Superintendent of Digital and Confidence Group Products.

The project, in addition to the sales and service processes, opens doors to leading-edge Microsoft technologies such as face-to-face customer recognition and Machine Learning to support decisions, given the large volume of data, market and consumer behavior available.

AlfaPeople, Microsoft’s biggest partner in Latin America for Microsoft Dynamics 365, was the company chosen for one of the Confidence’s most important projects this year.

“We are compensating Confidence’s trust by allocating a specialized and experienced team in the segment. I am sure the project will be a success.” – Egon Coradini, Commercial Director of AlfaPeople.