Alfa’s Day – Crazy for Changing!
AlfaPeople |
Aug 15, 2017

Alfa’s Day – Crazy for Changing!

This year’s AlfaPeople Brazil’s Mid-Year Review reunion, known as Alfa’s Day, was held at the MIS – Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo with the theme “Crazy for Change” and was attended by all employees. In the Museum, there was the exhibition “Steve Jobs, the visionary”. The man who impacted the world with his personality and ability to innovate also inspired us in the event.

The employees visited the exhibition with access to the rich universe of Steve Jobs. There were 209 items among photos, films, stories and historical products that showed how he thought and was one of the greatest personalities of the twentieth century. In Steve Jobs, the visionary, there is a path structured by narrative cells – Spirituality, Innovation, Competition, Failure, Business and Dreams – bringing a rich and profound experience of the universe of Jobs. The public had access to hundreds of small and great innovations created by Jobs.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually change.”

This and other Steve Jobs quotes were used by the directors in the presentation. They presented the last company results, goals, new projects and expectations of the company for the year 2017, and also rewarded the employees with prizes and awards. Thanks to the expansion of AlfaPeople to other states, this was the first year that the collaborators were able to watch the presentation via Skype for Business or in person.

The event ended with a cocktail party with appetizers, fun and relaxation. Always looking for excellence in the service provided, events like this are great for AlfaPeople to integrate employees and make sure everyone is on the same page.

With more than 550 employees in 18 offices around the world, AlfaPeople is one of the largest Microsoft business solutions partners. At AlfaPeople Brasil, around 140 employees work in national and international projects, helping clients to evolve with Digital Transformation solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365.