Modern Service Management connects core processes across the system landscape
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Apr 03, 2018

Modern Service Management connects core processes across the system landscape

Information silos are one of the biggest challenges of the digital organization. With Modern Service Management, you can systematically support the inventory of manual and, ineffective workflows while creating a platform for delivering proactive services to the business, such as bots, automation and self-service portals.

There have been many groundbreaking things in the world of IT in recent years. One of the most significant is that IT departments not only need to provide business but also increased business value in terms of business apps, sales tools, improved customer reviews, etc. With new technologies and a comprehensive digitalization paradigm, it has gone from a peripheral space in the basement to a central space around the management table.

However, for traditional service management solutions, it is a bit different. Here the technological revolution has been lost. Many companies still work in obsolete solutions that make it difficult to drive streamlining and optimization from internal IT processes. Service management simply does not provide the fuel for the digital transformation that the discipline otherwise allows.

That has to be done.

Modern Service Management breaks down silos

IT Service Management is known as a set of principles for running internal IT processes, which is about delivering as much as possible for the least amount of money. Service Management solutions can do the same but increase the barrels. It’s not just about building efficient, reactive IT processes. It’s also about acting proactively, breaking down the traditional information silos and extending the scope of Service Management solutions by tying the business better together, says Mikkel Fisker Boesen, Sales & Marketing Specialist at AlfaPeople.

Where traditional Service Management solutions are characterized by manual and technology-focused processes that set barriers to smooth workflows, Modern Service Management solutions are designed to provide IT services with even better service that is efficient and proactive.

Close the gap with Modern Service Management

Modern Service Management has the ambition of eliminating all unnecessary processes and giving full clarity to the overall course in one and the same solution. The Service Management solution, provided by the IT department, becomes an information hub, which the respective departments communicate through. It simply follows the ITIL processes (Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, etc.) and ensures that communications are gathered and that internal processes run smoothly.

“Modern Service Management can repair and optimize the internal processes where the chain typically drops,” says Mikkel Fisker Boesen, explaining that Modern Service Management thus has the potential to transform the company from within. “Right now there is a gap between the digital journey many companies are in the process of, and then the service management solution that the company uses to manage the organization’s IT core processes. Modern Service Management helps to close that gap.”

The road to more influence

Mikkel Fisker Boesen explains that:

“Modern Service Management at the same time is an obvious opportunity for IT chief and operations manager to play more into the company’s core business.

With Modern Service Management, it can offer bots, task automation and self-service solutions, which can provide an even better service internally within the company. They can build modern workflows for the modern business. That is something that is good for top management.

AlfaPeople sees a huge business opportunity for organizations to tie the entire business together to Microsoft technology, where data can be shared across the organization so the information silos can be broken down. Looking ahead, one wants to be secured on a development or innovation platform that Microsoft uses billions to innovate and make competitive. Therefore, the Provance ITSM solution both now and in the future will be a Modern Service Management solution because you purchase access to Microsoft’s suite of technologies.”

AlfaPeoples Modern Service Management Solution:

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform and the ITIL Certified Solution, Provance ITSM can integrate into Office 365, Azure Logic Apps and Azure security and operations management. It can be installed on-premise or drive in the cloud. Provance can be built as a stand-alone solution, but can also be integrated across the entire Microsoft Dynamics product suite.

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