Dynamics 365 for Talent: Learn how to manage your Human Resources department
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Jul 30, 2018

Dynamics 365 for Talent: Learn how to manage your Human Resources department

Dynamics 365 for Talent is the new tool that allows for the integration of all the tasks related to managing human resources and acquiring the best-qualified talent.

Talent acquisition and management is one of the most competitive advantages a successful company may have. After all, companies are made by people. However, this often is a great challenge, from a lack of qualified personnel to the loss of talent to competing companies. One of the best ways to face this challenge is Dynamics 365 for Talent.

This application allows HR managers to attract the right people and ensures good integration, participation, and growth within the company. Likewise, it helps to offer talented people appealing job offers as well as a better experience throughout the selection process. These are some of the benefits of Dynamics 365 for Talent:

  • It simplifies candidate evaluation, allowing profiles to be viewed integrated with LinkedIn throughout the hiring process.
  • Improved communication with LinkedIn InMail integration, providing contact with any profile at any time.
  • The Office 365 interview process is streamlined, allowing for coordinating calendars and set appointments.

Why is Dynamics 365 for Talent different?

This application for human resources management brings together many necessary functions such as employee data storage, payroll administration, and company policy storage. Likewise, it helps to reduce the costs per employee associated with hiring. Dynamics 365 for Talent is an excellent alternative to develop a general human resources strategy as well as in financial, administrative and operational areas. Some of its features are:

Make your programming more intelligent

Planning is a complex process. There are many players involved and it almost always requires multiple revisions. With Dynamics 365 for Talent, it is easy to create an initial schedule with a single click, finding suggestions for the interview time according to the sequence as defined by the hiring manager or recruiter. Free and busy periods for all the interviewers are shown in a view which is also flexible enough to modify the schedule.

Change-proof your programming

Time management almost always has to go through changes and last-minute revisions. This app allows you to react quickly to last-minute changes when interviewers are not available. It permits the hiring manager or recruiter to swap interviewers and change an individual one-to-one interview to a panel interview if necessary.

Don’t leave your applicants in the dark

Communication is an important challenge for many hiring managers, especially when information related to candidates and interviewers is most needed. Attracting allows hiring managers and recruiters to initiate and monitor all communications with candidates and interviewers in one place. It is not necessary to switch between multiple tools to communicate with the team and see who has accepted or rejected an invitation for an interview.

In conclusion, Dynamics 365 for Talent is a novel tool integrated with Office 365 and LinkedIn to quickly find qualified talent, allowing for the best management of human resources for recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers and anyone responsible for business personnel. Want to learn more about Dynamics 365 for Talent or any other Microsoft Solution? Contact-us.