Optimize your sales performance with Dynamics 365 Sales Forecast
AlfaPeople |
Nov 26, 2020

Optimize your sales performance with Dynamics 365 Sales Forecast

Why Sales Forecast?

Sales Forecast is an essential component to align your business permanently and effectively. Microsoft is aware of this necessity and offers with the Sales Forecast function a tool that supports your company in accurately predicting your sales targets and making important strategic decisions based on these targets.

Get started today

Sales Forecast is flexibly configurable to meet your sales forecast requirements. For this purpose, Microsoft already provides 4 templates in the standard version, which you can use immediately:

Image 1 EN start forecast
  • Organizational chart forecasting: Display your sales targets hierarchically, starting with the management and ending with the salespeople.
  • Territory Forecast: Define your sales forecast regionally to get the best out of individual geographic areas.
  • Product forecast: What do your customers particularly like to buy? Align your product range according to demand.
  • From the Scratch: Would you like to structure your forecasts differently? No problem: Microsoft offers you the possibility to design your individual criteria.

Even if you already use Sales Forecast in your company, you can transfer existing quotas into Microsoft Dynamics 365 via Excel templates, without programming effort and at every time.

Make information accessible to your employees

In order to use Sales Forecast in a targeted manner, you have the possibility to decide via configuration who can see which information and when. It’s up to you and you can define yourself if you want to display your sales forecasts in a role-specific or territorial way.

Why this can be useful? Here are a few examples:

  • Salespeople can compare performance against targets and identify risks in your pipeline early. Negative influences can early be identified and corrected.
  • Sales managers can track their individual performance using quotas or use forecasting trends to reallocate resources at the territory or departmental level.
  • Managers can use forecasts to initiate basic corporate strategy measures such as adjusting product strategies.

You choose the layout

Flexible column modeling gives you control over the layout design, also based on territory or report hierarchies.

Often sales forecasts and sales opportunities of the organization are separated. Take advantage of advanced filtering and create custom rollup and calculated columns. Salespeople and sales managers can extract where certain forecast values come from and react quickly.

Drag and drop to manage and update the full forecast to move sales opportunities through different phases.

Would you like to learn more about Sales Forecast?

Then please contact us. We at AlfaPeople would also like to support you in optimizing your business sustainably. With Sales Forecast, Microsoft provides an extremely flexible and comprehensive tool to drive your business forward.

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