Create Premium Customer Experiences Across Multiple Channels with Dynamics 365
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Aug 16, 2018

Create Premium Customer Experiences Across Multiple Channels with Dynamics 365

Do you have the right products in the right place? Discover how Dynamics 365 can help you

Connected experience or real-time information are becoming terms that a company or brand couldn’t do without. We should also not forget that these days companies must be sustainable. Another important item, however, is employee experience or employee empowerment. Given this, it is good to have a platform that supports store, digital and back-office processes to find more and more creative ways to get the products or services to the customers. As such, it?s a must to have a platform that is adaptable to new formats and business models to be tried out.

How Dynamics will help your company

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as an option you will have a platform where you could stay current for the customer and your employee on multiple devices.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, the menu options are edited and only those menus related to Retail are visible, making it easier for the employee to navigate through them. A variety of tasks can be launched from the Dynamics 365 for Retail Dashboard, including a selection of role-specific and task-oriented work areas. For example, a new channel could be created and deployed from the work area, such as if there is a (temporary) pop-up store at an event. A pop-up store or flash retailing cover short-term sales at vacant spaces, events or expos. With the status check tool in Dynamics 365 for Retail, you can keep track of the preset procedures in terms of what needs to be done to get the store operational. Dynamics 365 for Retail makes it easy to create assortments that places the right product at the right retail location, maximizing profitability. As an example, you might not want all your products at a particular pop-up store at an event. With the assortment tool, you could quickly create different assortments for different channels, whether online or a physical store.

Specific products or complete retail product categories can be added to the assortment. In combination with the integrated Modern Point of Sales (POS) of Dynamics 365 for Retail, when a product is not in the assortment of a specific store, the employee can quickly search for the item and see that the item is potentially still on its way to the store, or in which physical or online location there is stock. It is possible to order the item via the Dynamics 365 POS system and let the customer choose their sustainable solution on how to get the product. Various shipment and payment options can be configured according to whether it needs to be shipped to the store or to an address provided by the customer. The customer may well be a member of your loyalty program and, based on the customer’s purchase information or items in their wish list, your employee can provide even better service.

In addition to the customer being able to use the Dynamics 365 for Retail to order a product that is not in the specific store assortment, the POS system can also be configured so that a customer could return a product even though it is not in that store’s assortment.

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