What you need to know before starting a CRM project

One of the biggest challenges faced by business and IT people when embarking on a new CRM initiative is to clarify how they get real business value out of their investments. When performing CRM solutions optimally, they can provide a significant return on investment. Many are aware of this and strive to do the right thing to maximize their CRM returns. It sounds smart, but we often see that companies are struggling to find out how they do it best.

Businesses that make mistakes typically start spending a great deal of time – too much time – on internal research, analysis, and business requirements definition. This time would be better spent implementing a solution. They often spend little or no time setting up a business case and understanding the real value of their initiative. In our opinion, it is precisely the part that brings the initiative to success! Finally, it is a mistake that they spend very little time preparing the organization for change, which is a decisive factor for the success of the project.

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