Start&Go™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales

Improve the performance of your organization’s Sales team

Start&Go™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales
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Every company has commercial objectives to increase revenue, reach the goals of the strategic Sales Plan, and to gain and retain new customers.  However, achieving these objectives is not an easy task.
Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales, AlfaPeople’s own methodology, allows a quick and low cost implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales functionalities in just a few weeks.
Your company automates commercial processes, and improves conversion rates and team management- generating practically immediate results.  

Automate and leverage
your company’s sales force

Created to improve the performance of Sales teams, AlfaPeople’s Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales supports managers in planning sprints focused on individualized management of each commercial agent. In addition, managers have  a 360º view of each client and team member. Managers can plan and monitor actions strategically focused on leads, accounts, and potential opportunities of greater relevance to the company. 

Fast deployment and acceleration of results

Start&Go™ methodology for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales includes a pre-defined scope and a guided deployment method, which facilitates and accelerates the adoption of specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionalities for Sales. The solution is implemented in a few weeks, with customized parameterization for each company’s needs. This method, developed by AlfaPeople, is a response to the market’s demand for agility in the use of complete applications, with value delivered in the first few weeks of the project.

Low-cost investment

Start&Go™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales was designed to address, efficiently and strategically, the main pain points of companies’ Sales departments. The costs of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionalities are reduced, because it focuses specifically on what companies need to improve. The implementation process avoids long and expensive projects, generating immediate results for the Commercial area.

Centralization of data and information, updated in real time

Through Start&Go™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales dashboards, managers have a 360º, real-time view of each Commercial or Sales Agent’s carried out, pending, and future activities with each customer. The individual results allow managers to strategically analyze performance, obtain insights, and define relevant tasks for each professional, with greater control of Sales goals.

Management improvement

Individually manage Commercial or Sales agents with all data and information about each client’s performance. Management becomes better, more assertive, and more strategic in decision-making. Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales can be integrated with legacy systems, with other productivity tools, and with other company’s sectors. This makes the tool even more robust and generates more analytical capacity for managers in the Commercial area.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Overview

Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales uses the main Sales functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, within a predefined scope and a guided deployment method. In addition, it has an agile Sales management method, created exclusively by AlfaPeople, which is not available in the native Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. . 


Start&Go Agile Sales for industries and sectors with long and complex Sales cycles

Aimed at companies with long and complex Sales cycles, characterized by extensive steps in the Commercial process, Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Agile Sales serves businesses that have high added value products and services, as well as large Sales teams. The solution is compatible with all industries and sectors, and it is best used in companies that have the Sales characteristics mentioned above.  

Gain insights with real-time
Sales data and information

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