Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate

Automate tasks and focus on strategy, with
the help of Microsoft Power Automate.

Microsoft Power Automate

Spending time with repetitive activities that do not add value can hinder any business.
With Microsoft Power Automate, completely based on low-code and no-code development concepts, your company can automate and integrate business processes, in an uncomplicated, fast and economical way.

Create automated flows and gain operational efficiency

Because of the low-code and no-code development concepts, Power Automate enables all employees to create automation and integration of tasks and/or processes, without the help of a developer, increasing operational efficiency and company results. 

Smart automation with low investment cost

In addition to generating value to the business, processes become faster and more efficient with the uncomplicated and quick creation of automation flows. Power Automate is a low-cost investment with a high ROI (Return on Investment), as it is not necessary to hire developers to automate the operation. Employees no longer perform repetitive tasks and can dedicate themselves to more strategic jobs.

Integration with other solutions

Power Automate can be connected to any solution. In addition to native connectors, there is also the possibility of connecting to other systems and tools through APIs, without the need for programming. This allows your company to easily integrate business areas, create automated and intelligent monitoring and prediction processes, all which directly assist in making more strategic and assertive decisions.

Desktop automation, by RPA

If your company has legacy systems without easy ways of integration, but containing valuable business data, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) resources are available in Power Automate. RPA is capable of integrating legacy systems with other processes and systems using screen capture and keyboard emulation, enabling you to continue to extract their business value.

Power Automate for Dynamics 365 - Overview
Power Automate for Dynamics 365 – Overview

Microsoft Power Automate has advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) resources, as well as a simple and intuitive interface, to facilitate the creation of automations and integrations.  


Power Automate is intended for all businesses and industries, as well as all sectors from the market. 

Speed ​​up deliveries, optimize processes, and reduce errors with Microsoft Power Automate

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