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Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center
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AlfaPeople’s Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center, developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, unifies tasks and departments with standardized processes and sophisticated communication tools.
Through its Self-Service Portal, employees are guided to register and monitor their internal requests, while the integrated process automation tools from Microsoft Dynamics 365 guarantee the Service Level Agreements (SLA), as well as the distribution of activities, management of tickets, and communication between responsible and involved parties. 

Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs

Aimed at improving internal customer service, Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center supports companies in managing service requests so they can focus on their core business.
Check out some of the various benefits of this solution:

Agility, transparency, and cost reduction

​​With a unique tool for managing and meeting internal demands, companies centralize, standardize, and generate a service ticket with SLA for requests made by employees. Thus, processes are automated, simplified and become more agile, while ensuring more transparency in delivery stages and service level statistics. In this way, Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center allows companies to have lean teams without redundancy of professionals and processes, reducing costs in handling internal requests.​

Fast deployment and acceleration of results

​​The Start&Go™ rapid implementation methodology offers a Shared Service Center with predefined processes and functionalities that facilitate and accelerate the adoption of the system. Thus, the solution is implemented in a few weeks with customized parameterization for the needs of each company. This model, developed by AlfaPeople, is a response to the market demand for agility in using complete applications with accelerated time to value.​

Increased productivity and internal satisfaction

AlfaPeople’s Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center has the ​Shared Service Center Portal, the interface through which service requests are opened and tracked by employees. Guided by predetermined scripts and centralized in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, occurrences are directed to their respective resolution areas and their SLA is monitored. The standardization of records and the service process promotes more agile actions, improving efficiency in resolution and the satisfaction of requesters. According to Gartner, one of the world’s leading IT consulting firms, in the first years of shared services operation, productivity improvements of over 30% are possible.

Ease and flexibility of configuration

The definition and standardization of processes, as well as the quality of requests registration are supported by Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center thanks to features that allow for the configuration of new categories of requests in the ​​Shared Service Center Portal, as well as SLAs, service processes, and new scripts that guide employees in the registration process. Creating new processes is simple and done through the Drag & Drop function in a very visual flow. With this solution, the learning curve is reduced and there is clarity of where each part’s work begins and ends.

Better communication between departments

AlfaPeople’s Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center integrates different sectors of the company through efficient communication and a centralized ticket base, ensuring traceability. This model ensures faster and smoother resolution of requests, in addition to establishing a feedback channel between teams. In this way, employees are led to promote assertive and fast communication between departments.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Overview

Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center has a set of more than 20 predefined basic functionalities, enabling it for immediate use. Among its functions, the following stand out: registration of departments, activities and users; access rights; definition of SLA; incident management for registering and monitoring service requests; among others. 


Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center for all industries and sectors

Serving companies in robust growth processes, where process standardization and employee satisfaction are key, and echoing to external customers, Start&Go™ for Shared Service Center serves businesses from any segment, benefiting all departments within an organization.
Check out some of these areas: 

  • ​​​Commercial 
  • Communication and Marketing 
  • Financial 
  • Fiscal 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Legal 
  • Logistics 
  • Operational 
  • Human Resources 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Information Technology (IT) 

Improve employee satisfaction by centralizing and standardizing service requests!

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