Wholesale and Distribution

Operate with predictability,
agility and precision

Wholesale and Distribution

Challenges of the Wholesale and Distribution sector: predictability and agility

  • Have predictability, control, and governance in meeting constantly evolving customer demands. 
  • Optimize production and distribution planning- accelerating time to market and ensuring process quality.   
  • Manage the supply chain and integrate warehouses to centralize data and improve visibility across the entire business.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides the end-to-end capabilities distributors and retailers need to meet their supply chain needs. The solution works from the product information management through planning, inventory, sales, and purchasing to the complex administration of manufacturing, storage, and transportation. With this tool you can: 

  • Get real-time visibility across the entire business, with sophisticated supplier management and warehouse integration. 
  • Create a supply chain that is smart, resilient, and adaptable to automatically react to challenges.  
  • Keep critical manufacturing and inventory processes running 24/7 at high throughput, even outside the cloud. 
  • Eliminate stockouts, planning with agility and predictability of demand, through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Acquire resilience by balancing resources  

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you create a supply chain that is connected and resilient, improving visibility and increasing planning agility to operate profitably, even during potential downturns.

Acquire resilience by balancing resources

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you create a supply chain that is connected and resilient, improving visibility and increasing planning agility to operate profitably, even during potential downturns.

Design with speed, precision and innovation

With centralized, real time management of production and inventory through Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, your business accelerates time to market, guarantees efficient production lines, and ensures manufacturing accuracy and quality, preventing or solving problems in advance. It is possible to create agile and innovative manufacturing processes using IoT (Internet of Things) and mixed reality, integrating them with existing systems. This solution also allows controlling and improving (on a single platform) product information on global sites and subsidiaries, offering a competitive advantage in the market.

Increase operational resiliency

Expanding the ability to overcome adverse situations and redefining strategies to minimize or anticipate risks, continues to be a priority for organizations as they emerge from the current crisis. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management simplifies procurement processes and contributes to maximum cost savings, by using supplier collaboration portals and automatically applying negotiated prices. In addition, it assists in making smart purchasing decisions by enabling tracking of performance and delivery times, as well as supplier quality, using built-in Power BI models. As a result, this solution helps balance resources to ensure sustainability and business continuity.

Operate with confidence and predictability

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management plans the supply based on priorities and uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict future demand. It also makes it possible to scale production during peaks and proactively maintain equipment, reducing downtime and increasing inventory accuracy, with automated cycle counts, to maintain operational excellence. This solution also promotes efficient communication between Sales, Marketing, and Operations through Microsoft Teams, contributing to the planning of these departments.

Deliver with consistency and agility

By providing accurate, real-time inventory information, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management ensures consistency and agility in delivery times and maintaining customer loyalty. With automated storage operations, in addition to predictability, stock shortages and excesses are eliminated, generating faster replenishment cycles and shorter delivery times. The integrated view of all process channels means that the right products are in the right place at the right time, as well as allowing the transfer of items for specific needs. With this, companies can increase their capacity and quality of customer service.

Wholesale and Distribution corredor

Manage the supply chain and warehouse in real time, with automated processes, connecting your company to the Internet of Things (IoT) and predicting demands with Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the robust features of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.  

Reduce supply chain bottlenecks! 

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