Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Boost business and gain competitive
advantage through Data Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI

Companies that invest in Business Intelligence (BI) grow faster, with consistency and assertiveness.
Microsoft Power BI is Microsoft’s Data Intelligence tool, based on a low-code and no-code development concept, which allows an uncomplicated creation and analysis of the main business indicators.
Information is provided in automated dashboards that generate strategic insights to boost
business and support timely decisions.

Having strategic insights that impact business growth ​​ has never been easier

In just a few days, Microsoft Power BI enables the creation and automatic analysis of business indicators from different areas and sectors.Information can be integrated and displayed in dashboards with graphics that facilitate the data interpretation, generate visibility of business progress, and give a 360º view of the operation- resulting in strategic insights and more assertive decision-making. It is also important to point out the opportunity of triggering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Microsoft Power BI. 

Results from 2 weeks on

Based on a low-code and no-code development concept, Microsoft Power BI is easy to implement and allows your company to obtain results after two weeks of use. It is an investment that provides a quick and effective return.

More visibility and control

By having full control of both business and operations with Microsoft Power BI, managers improve their performance, make more strategic decisions, apply improvements in areas/processes, gain insights based on real data, predict trends, problems, and even present more consistent reports regarding their sectors functioning.

Automated and unified data

The advanced features of Microsoft Power BI solve the problems related to data scattered in silos, as they allow managers to fully automate them, integrating them with any tool or area needed. As a result, it becomes possible to obtain real-time updates, available in easy-to-view dashboards, which can be accessed via desktop, cloud, cell phones, tablets or other apps.

Dissemination of data culture throughout the organization

Microsoft Power BI has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. This means that managers can acculturate all employees to use the solution on a daily basis, for a more analytical and intelligent job, based on real data, adding more value both for the business and customers, as well as for the entire team.

Power BI Overview

Microsoft Power BI is based on a low-code and no-code development concept.
In addition, it has advanced AI resources and easy-to-understand dashboards, which facilitates its deployment and makes all employees able to use it in their day-to-day activities. 


Microsoft Power BI for all industries and sectors

Microsoft Power BI is intended for all businesses and industries, as well as for all sectors from the market.  

Invest in Business Intelligence to improve your business.

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