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Advisory Services

World-renowned methodology, adapted to your project

Promoting digital transformation is neither simple nor fast. In order ​​to invest in a structured, strategic, and intelligent manner before starting projects, it is necessary to identify products, services, processes, and priority areas, You also need to assess the impact of changes, design the roadmap for the solutions to be implemented, and test them- preferably at a time prior to dissemination and full adoption by the company. 

Through the Microsoft Catalyst methodology, AlfaPeople’s experts help organizations in this initial phase of digital transformation projects, studying the company in detail and advising on the best investments that the organization should make,-according to its reality, moment, objectives, area of activity, etc. 

360º support, which
directly impacts business growth

AlfaPeople’s strategic consultancy helps companies aiming not only at improvement, but at process efficiency and business growth. Specialists develop a detailed plan so that your organization can achieve the stipulated goals, ensuring that it outlines well-defined business objectives and selects the most appropriate technologies for its needs, avoiding the waste of time and resources.

The benefits of AlfaPeople’s consulting

In addition to deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies, AlfaPeople professionals have extensive agnostic experience, working in several key sectors of the economy. Our consulting service serves all companies, regardless of the stage of business, strategies, and technologies already in use.  

Business x-ray

To avoid wasting time and resources by investing in changes in a poorly structured way (without guarantees of success and result) AlfaPeople helps leaders to understand with total clarity the company’s moment, what has already been conquered, and its real market potential. This knowledge creates more space for your company to differentiate from your competitors by investing in the right technologies.

Investment priorities

At AlfaPeople, we understand that investing in innovation needs to be fully assertive. Therefore, we make a complete and personalized analysis of the complexity of each implementation, crossing this information with the potential results for the company. In this way, we are able to define which products, services, processes and/or areas should be prioritized.

Thorough study of the best technology to your business

Before your company implements any technology, we analyze (with transparency) the impact of these changes, the potential results in the short, medium and long term for the business, the ROI of investments, as well as the positive and negative points, to guarantee the total alignment of solutions with the company’s strategic objectives.

AlfaPeople method

With AlfaPeople, Digital Transformation Projects are scoped with the full involvement of your company’s leaders and stakeholders, so that everyone can understand the investment’s objectives, the step by step of each process, and the respective responsibilities within each innovation project. The organization’s participation, from the construction of innovation idealizations to their implementation, makes it possible to obtain the best results with digital transformation projects. Everyone on your team will have vast knowledge about the subjects and clarity of objectives.


Our differentials

  • Strategic, personalized and continuous consulting, always aligned with your company’s needs, as well as its stage of maturity and business objectives. 
  • Professionals trained in the main Microsoft technologies. 
  • Proven experience in hundreds of initiatives  worldwide. 

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