Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Create chatbots, easily and quickly, to transform your business

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Automating customer service is a key step for companies to modernize and provide excellent experiences to their target audiences. With Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, based on a low-code and no-code development concept, the creation of personalized chatbots becomes quick, economical and uncomplicated. 

Respond quickly and on scale to customers, partners and employees with intelligent bots

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents enables your company to easily create personalized chatbots, also known as customer service robots. With Artificial Intelligence (AI),  you can respond to requests from both clients and employees, providing responses ranging from simple texts and common questions, to the solution of problems that require complex conversations. 

Agility, ease and low cost in creating bots

Being based on a low-code and no-code development concept, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents allows anyone in the company to quickly and uncomplicatedly create chatbots for customer service or improvement to internal processes. This is easily done by using automation, AI, and the collaborative Power Virtual Agent interface. It is a low cost, high ROI (Return on Investment) investment, as it is possible to automate the company’s processes without hiring a programmer.

Multiplatform bots, with real-time conversations in multiple languages

The advanced features of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents allow bots to interact with customers and employees in several languages, and to work on websites, intranets, cell phones, tablets, social networks, and any other channel in which your company is solving demands, requests and problems.

Monitored and optimized bots with AI

With the AI integrated on Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, it is possible to optimize the chatbots created, making them capable of solving several types of requests. Therefore, the team and managers can monitor conversations in real time, to obtain insights, promote improvements in bots, and even apply corrective measures during a conversation with customers and employees.

Interaction with other systems and tools

All chatbots created through Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can be easily integrated with other company’s solutions, which makes them robust and equipped with the necessary information to perfectly perform their role, generating value to the company.

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Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is based on a low-code and no-code development concept. In addition, it has advanced AI features and a collaborative graphical interface, which makes it easy to create robust, modern, and humanized chatbots, quickly and at a lower cost.  

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents for
all industries and sectors

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is intended for all businesses and industries,
as well as all sectors from the market. 

Build loyalty, engage and find more customers with an
automated, intelligent, and humanized service.

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