Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages

Developing websites can be less complicated than it seems

Microsoft Power Pages

Designing websites is a task that takes time, resources, and an experienced programmer, right?
Not always! With low-code and no-code Microsoft Power Pages, this reality becomes uncomplicated as your own team creates personalized pages in a simple, safe, and economical way
using the intuitive and modern features of the tool. 

Improve your company’s processes and your customers’ experience with Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages (former Dynamics Portals) makes it possible to create responsive, functional, fully customized secure websites according to the needs of each area/department. Pages can be aimed to improve both business and operational processes, as well as the customer’s and partner’s journey. 

Agility in building websites at low cost

The quick and uncomplicated creation of websites by the entire company, in addition to generating value to the business by improving processes, can also be focused on improving the customer’s journey. Pages can be developed for any audience, internal or external. Multiple business sectors can create pages in just a few days, without the help of a developer, for customers or partners to create orders and open tickets, or for internal stakeholders to streamline processes and share information. This is a low cost investment with a high ROI (Return on Investment).

Personalized websites, saving time and resources

With the advanced resources of Microsoft Power Pages, such as frameworks, guides, and tutorial videos to use during the creation process, it is possible to build personalized websites that address the needs of each area of ​​the company. Your own team can create portals in a strategic, agile, and economical way.

Securely store and manage data

Microsoft Power Pages has features that help to protect the content and the sites you create through profile-based access controls, as well as features that allow you to securely collect the visitor´s information and store it in compliance with your governance directives.

Integration with other systems and tools

All sites created through Microsoft Power Pages can be easily integrated with other company’s IT solutions. Plugging them into the existing tools makes the company gain even more technological robustness in order to deliver better products and services to the customers and partners.

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Microsoft Power Pages is based on low-code/no-code creation, has advanced features, simple interface, and design tools that make it easy to create a fully customized and modern website, quickly and at a lower cost. 

global network

Microsoft Power Pages is intended for all businesses and industries. 

Modernize your company’s portals
using the power of a low-code platform

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