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Many sales businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the digital economy. While competitors have long since migrated to CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, others like yours have put it off or downplayed the phenomenon of digital transformation all together. But it is never too late to get back in the game.

Leading Microsoft partner AlfaPeople has designed a 10-day Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation program to get you up to speed and back on track with the reality of evolving global, cross-industry business trends. Among its highlights, our program focuses on implementation, data import, configuration and connection to the Cloud. We will target weak points and expose flaws so you can inform your strategy and policies into the future. And if you like, we can even stick around as a partner on the rest of your digital transformation journey. Engage today with AlfaPeople, deliver outstanding sales experiences, and get ready to grow!

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that gives your business a complete and intuitive set of tools to help sales team plan and sell more effectively. With a D365 Sales implementation, you will enjoy the benefits of coordinated sales activities and a consistent and optimizable framework for autonomous business processes. Among its benefits, a Dynamics 365 Sales implementation will allow you to:

  • Monitor and understand the details of your teams performance and their engagement with customers

  • Define business rules to assign leads to specific teams or individual team members

  • Generate a complex customer report in a matter of clicks

  • Filter and view data according to your needs

  • Centralize and organize customer data in one place

Stay relevant, aim to gain ground on competitors

The D365 Sales Implementation program brings your business in line with current licensing and software deployment trends in the Sales sector. With Dynamics 365 technology comes automated sales processes, visibility on sales force performance, and a more personalized experience with buyers. All in all, this translates to more sales and an improved experience for buyers, which fuels your market relevance and competitiveness

See the big picture surrounding your business

With the Dynamics 365 Sales implementation model, our experts delve deep into your business to determine weak points and failings you might fail to see behind the outdated, cumbersome systems you are currently deploying. Dynamics 365 Sales can address these, and you will also enjoy rich sources of commercial and operation information to inform your strategy and policies going forward.

Build bonds with a leading Microsoft partner

Digital process optimization, as part of the thundering migration of businesses to the Cloud, does not end with implementation. When you bring us on at the Implementation stage, you are taking the first steps toward building a future relationship with a global Microsoft Dynamics 365 leader who you can turn to for future digital business needs.

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What our D365 Sales Implementation can do for you?

For business decision makers, the loss of sales opportunities is a real headache, weighing down on profit and jeopardizing a business valuable market share. But the failures in processes related to poor sales performance are often completely opaque, making it difficult to take action at the managerial level. AlfaPeoples 10-day D365 Sales implementation program focuses on performance, productivity and efficiency, instilling in your processes: automation, data centralization and a better, more manageable perspective over your business activities.

When a sales team performs poorly, fueling the loss of opportunities, the underlying problem is often your business outdated processes. Limited transparency and unreliable data make it difficult for Sales leaders to know where and how to implement change. AlfaPeoples D365 Sales implementation program deploys leading CRM technology to improve your processes and centralize your data, bolstering sales force productivity, shortening sales cycles and inducing immediate sales results.

Put simply, sales representatives cannot perform well using outdated systems that rely on insufficient or incomplete data. AlfaPeoples Dynamics 365 Sales implementation program empowers sale representatives to close more and bigger sales, with CRM technology that automates routine tasks and proactively encourages more relevant, personalized engagements with buyers.

Did you know?


By 2022Â B2B sales organizations using AI-based intelligence solutions for prospecting will cut the amount of time spent on prospecting by up to 50%. *

*Gartner, Predicts 2019: CRM Sales Technology Will Align With Digital Optimization Objectives, December 3, 2018

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