The CEO’s Strategy on Digital Transformation Way With Dynamics 365
AlfaPeople |
Dec 19, 2018

The CEO’s Strategy on Digital Transformation Way With Dynamics 365

In many cases in the organizations exists initiatives of digital transformation that include digitization projects, but sometimes it is believed that there is nothing else and this is where a strategic mistake may be taking place.

The digitalization of the processes of an organization is only one step, which must be linked with business planning, as well as a change in organizational culture within the company.

There have been many cases of companies that fail in critical systems implementation projects, and the reasons for failures are in the least cases because of the software or hardware, they are usually because the company has not been prepared organizationally.

The Chief Information Officer of today must be much more than a technology manager, it must be a manager of innovation and change in the company, if that function is not fulfilled, it runs the risk of failing.

How to promote change?

There are several ways and methods, you can start with an imposing method, where it is direct CEO order or hierarchy of the public organization; going through the participation of human resources and change management. Whatever the organizational culture of your company is take into account these 3 basic actions:

1. Facilitate employee learning:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a very friendly platform and provides a very user friendly environment, however, it is necessary to consider the additional information to employees regarding organizational changes. But do not stop there, take into account the development of employees with initiatives that allow them to feel personally involved in organizational changes. Employees who feel more involved in the process of change in a company are related to the levels of motivation and the internal of new methods of operation. This means a simpler transition.

2. Align the goals of your employees:

The goals of your company’s businesses do not have to differ from the personal goals of your employees, if you join both the motivation of the workforce increases. For example, set business goals in terms of building positive community relationships and sustaining levels of responsible benefits that allow workers to identify with those business goals. Workers who understand and approve the goals of a company work harder to help the business achieve its goals. In contrast, employees will not work so hard to achieve goals that they are not identified with.

3. Keep the communication open:

Be transparent and reduce employees’ doubts about changes, thereby allowing workers to feel more involved with the other initiatives of their company. Have a QA session with employees. Speak simply and plainly, this helps eliminate vague language that can cause confusion. Keeping communication open and positive during an organizational change keeps workers motivated.

Create impact with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

The impact that digital transformation is having on processes, departments and industries is very high, and organizations that do not go in that direction are destined to have a very high competitive disadvantage. Therefore, consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the generation of intelligent business applications that unify CRM and ERP capabilities by delivering new applications specially designed to help manage specific business functions, including Sales, Customer Service, Service Field, Finance and Operations, Marketing, Automation Project Service.

These solutions are designed to be personalized, thus allowing greater productivity, offering a deeper vision and adapting to the needs of the business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you in your strategy to accelerate digital transformation, meet changing customer needs and capture tomorrow’s new business opportunities.

All Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications incorporate an internal vision, predictive intelligence and workflow optimization, which will be delivered through a simple and easy-to-use experience on different devices.